aqfer Launches Next-Generation SI-Ready Marketing Data Lake

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aqfer, a leading SaaS provider supporting a data-centric marketing architecture, announced the launch of its next generation marketing data lake platform. The solution enables systems integrators (SIs) or engineers building digital marketing platforms for managed service providers (MSPs), ad tech companies or marketing agencies to drastically reduce the time and cost associated with customizing solutions for marketers while simultaneously increasing data integration and management functionality and dramatically reducing support and operating costs. The framework allows SI’s to focus their engineering resources on the initiatives that will directly increase enterprise value. This next-gen release further enhances aqfer’s CDP offering, providing repeatable solutions that are highly customizable, cost-effective and future-proof.

As data-driven digital marketing continues its rise in importance, it is crucial for marketers to automate processes and take back control of their data in order to protect it and increase their speed and agility. A recent study found that over half of marketers still find data management difficult to implement.

“Our marketing data lake does exactly what the best technology should do — it decreases the effort needed to process and serve up the right data to guide smarter marketing initiatives. What used to take four to six weeks can now be done in two days,” said Daniel Jaye, CEO and Co-Founder, aqfer. “We are proud to say that no other company can match aqfer’s level of customization with the speed and cost savings that aqfer can provide to SI’s. Through our white-labeled approach, aqfer is establishing a new standard for marketing effectiveness.”

aqfer is committed to delivering agnostic cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize the way SI’s build out marketing data environments for their clients to help them always be prepared to capitalize on the latest developments in technology and meet every big data marketing challenge in an ever-changing marketplace. aqfer’s marketing data lake serves to redraw the engineering roadmap at every company. The framework is designed to deliver in a repeatable approach that is fully customizable, extensible at every layer and most importantly can be used at scale for data from all stages of the customer journey.

The aqfer marketing data lake includes:

  • Data integration service: Allows marketers to get their detailed data from all marketing partners curated and collated for consumption for analytics and activation
  • Distribution service: Empowers marketers to activate their data with partners however it works best for them in a secure and privacy compliant manner
  • Advanced data analytics: Gives marketers the actionable data insights they need to succeed in real-time
  • Machine learning: Includes predictive analytics tools and allows marketers to build custom lookalike audiences and better decisioning.

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