Sigma Announces Visual Data Modeling, SQL Runner and One-click Snowflake Integration

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Sigma, an innovator in cloud business intelligence (BI) and analytics, announced its forthcoming release of a visual data modeling capability, SQL Runner, and one-click Snowflake integration, allowing anyone to explore data in cloud warehouses and generate insights in minutes. Sigma’s new visual approach to cloud data analysis removes barriers to BI adoption—which, according to Gartner, still only sits at 35 percent of all employees. The new release shortens the time it takes to implement a cloud analytics solution and provides a single, collaborative environment for both BI and domain experts that is secure and governed in cloud data warehouses

“For decades BI adoption has been hindered by months of setup time, poor user experiences, and code-based modeling that kept business teams out of the iterative data conversation,” said Rob Woollen, CEO and co-founder of Sigma. “Sigma changes the paradigm. Companies can now set up cloud-based analytics in minutes and provide unprecedented data access to domain experts in a familiar interface, without sacrificing security or governance.”

Visual Modeling Layer Brings Curated Experiences and Context to Cloud Data

Sigma’s new data modeling capability allows data teams to easily build centralized data definitions and provide curated starting points for business experts without writing code. Data analysts and admins can pre-build Data Blocks using Sigma’s visual interface in minutes or use standard SQL, eliminating the need to learn proprietary coding languages. Meanwhile, domain experts in every corner of the organization benefit from instant access to trusted data sources and consistent metrics that provide business context for faster, more informed decisions. Business experts can also safely add new data or adjust to schema changes—without waiting on data teams or code deployments.

A Single Collaborative Analytics Environment for SQL and Spreadsheet Experts Alike

Sigma’s new SQL Runner provides a first-class SQL experience with all-new auto-complete, warehouse indexing, and SQL history features. Custom SQL can be saved and reused by any user for faster analysis in the future. This new feature streamlines workflows for business experts by enabling further analysis that requires no coding on top of existing SQL queries for iterative data discovery. With this release, Sigma has created a single, secure environment for data teams and business experts to work together on data analysis

One-Click Snowflake Integration Simplifies BI Implementation

Sigma’s one-click integration using Snowflake Partner Connect kickstarts BI adoption by dramatically reducing the time it takes to implement an analytics solution for cloud data. Snowflake customers can connect Sigma to their Snowflake data warehouse in minutes—cutting weeks out of the process and empowering business users to explore data and answer questions on day one

“Sigma has taken a process that historically took months, and reduced it to a day,” says Mia Oppelstrup, Business Intelligence Manager at Volta Charging. “I look forward to putting Data Blocks to work so Volta’s teams can access trusted data sources for faster, more accurate data
discovery and reporting.”

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