Algorithms: Not Evil, Helpful

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Whether or not you have an analytics background, in this digital age algorithms are everywhere … in how ambulances determine their route to the hospital, in elections … you name it.

INFORMS member Gah-Yi Ban of the London Business School breaks down what algorithms are and how they are useful in a unique talk at a TEDx event. She compares algorithms to evil beings and says it’s a common misconception. Ban helps people understand the role of algorithms in our present lives and how we can shape their role in our future.

Her research is in Big Data analytics; in particular algorithmic decision-making with complex, high-dimensional and highly uncertain data. Ban has published some of the most-read papers in her field, which are widely recognized for leading the integration of decision analytics with machine learning.

Feel free to listen to her talk titled, “The power and perils of algorithms,” in full.

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