Lucidworks Fusion 5.0 Features Data Science Toolkit Integration and Microservices Architecture Orchestrated by Kubernetes

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Lucidworks, a leader in AI-powered search, announced the release of Fusion 5.0, the latest version of the company’s flagship product. Lucidworks Fusion 5.0 lets customers rapidly develop and deploy AI-powered search and data discovery applications in a modern, Kubernetes-based containerized architecture. This update includes features that simplify implementation for data science teams and developers to create both a more personalized experience for digital commerce customers and also improve employee productivity and engagement in the digital workplace.

Fusion 5.0 makes search application development faster and more effective in three key areas. First, a new data science toolkit integration allows data scientists and analysts to leverage existing Python models without having to rewrite them. Second, Fusion’s new cloud-based microservices architecture orchestrated by Kubernetes further reduces time-to-deployment by minimizing the effort and risk of managing deployments in public or private cloud environments. Finally, updates to Fusion App Studio help reduce the time to deploy new applications and also simplify app management.

For digital commerce customers, the upgraded Fusion platform will include a Predictive Merchandiser feature, allowing retail merchandisers to leverage AI and analytics to curate the online shopping experience. This new feature empowers merchandisers to easily optimize search relevancy, manage rules, and analyze results without involving IT. 

“Legacy technology fails to meet modern expectations of what a digital experience should be, and companies are struggling to allocate precious resources to craft a digital experience for customers or employees that boosts their bottom line,” says Lucidworks CEO, Will Hayes. “With Fusion 5.0, we’re empowering customers to more quickly deliver a modern, hyper-personalized digital experience across ecommerce, digital workplace, government, financial services, and more.”

Lucidworks serves more than one-third of the US Fortune 100. Some of the world’s largest organizations, including Uber and Red Hat, use Lucidworks technologies to power their digital workplace and digital transformation efforts. Fusion 5.0 provides compelling new features for both retail and workplace customers.

“We’re continuing to empower our customers to deliver on high user expectations, and providing more features, such as the built-in interactive development environment to reduce build time and keep teams focused on innovating, not building from scratch,” explains Will Hayes, CEO.

“Organizations are increasingly relying on data science and AI throughout their organizations,” says Grant Ingersoll, Lucidworks CTO. “This release enables them to combine their existing Python models with Fusion’s powerful AI toolset and search capabilities. Additionally, it allows Fusion to leverage our customers’ Kubernetes and cloud-based infrastructure to provide fine-grained scalability down to the query level.”

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