Scylla Summit 2019 Comes to San Francisco in November

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Current Scylla community members and those with a background with Cassandra, NoSQL or other database technologies are all invited November 5-6 to Scylla Summit 2019 in San Francisco for two days of sharing ideas, hearing innovative use cases, and getting practical tips and tricks from your peers. You can also add a pre-summit training day (both for beginners and advanced users) on November 4, conducted by ScyllaDB lead engineers.

Use discount code: InsideBigData50 to save 50% on a 2-day summit pass.

Register at:
Some reasons to attend the Scylla Summit are:

  1. Bring the latest innovations back to your team  – See us unveil our latest features, including Lightweight Transactions and Change Data Capture, learn about product-ready capabilities beyond what’s available in Cassandra, like Workload Prioritization, Materialized Views and Global Secondary Indexes, and get a preview of Project Alternator, our open source DynamoDB-compatible API.
  2. Network with the best brains in the industry – Share ideas and have fun with your NoSQL peers, Scylla co-founders and the engineers who build Scylla.
  3. Hear from your colleagues – Speakers from Comcast,, FireEye, OlaCab, Nauto, Tubi and many more will present groundbreaking new use cases that push the boundaries of real-time data and share the lessons they’ve learned.
  4. Get Trained – Attend the Pre-Summit Training Day (November 4) with tracks for both beginners and advanced practitioners (this will sell out soon!)
  5. Influence our roadmap – This is where you can be of greatest impact to the community by voting on coming features!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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