Okera Delivers Industry’s First Real-Time Actionable Insights into Data Lakes

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Okera, a leading active data management platform that enables companies to discover, audit, and protect data at scale, announced Okera Spotlight for Amazon Web Services (AWS) users, the first and only solution to provide full visibility with real-time and continuous audit of your Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) data lake. Okera Spotlight applies tagging rules to automatically identify sensitive data and provides access patterns across the data lake. This enables data lake owners and stewards to get actionable insights to mitigate risks associated with data breaches and evolving privacy regulations.

Okera Spotlight can be deployed in less than an hour, requires minimal configuration, and seamlessly integrates with existing data lakes, regardless of the analytics and machine learning tools in use, and provides visibility of Amazon S3 activity across all buckets.

Okera Spotlight includes two main features: Data Classifier and Visibility & Insights. The solution crawls the data lake to detect sensitive data which can be auto-tagged based on rules. It offers a holistic view of data lake activity, which enables data lake owners to answer important questions such as: 

  • What data is being accessed in the lake, especially sensitive data? 
  • Which users have accessed sensitive data? 
  • Which tools are accessing the sensitive data and how much did they read?

“Data lake owners, whether just starting on their journey or with very large deployment, are looking for one place to monitor every actionable activity across their data lake in real-time. Despite a plethora of tools in the marketplace, no single tool captures all activity in one place such as identifying users and applications as well as data size and type,” said Nong Li, Okera CEO and co-founder. “Okera Spotlight can be installed in under an hour, works with all existing applications, and offers actionable insights immediately, including full visibility into data lake usage and access patterns for sensitive data without being in the data path for any applications.”

Key Benefits of Okera Spotlight 

Okera Spotlight can be installed on a single Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance with just a few clicks and provides the following capabilities and actionable insights:

  • Auto-Discovery & Classification – Okera Spotlight crawls the data lake and builds upon data from AWS CloudTrail to automatically discover schemas and apply rules for tagging sensitive fields at scale. The solution automatically identifies sensitive data such as credit card numbers or email addresses. Users can also create tags and rules to find their own domain-specific data. This enables data owners and stewards to gauge the risk from governance and regulatory exposure.
  • Out-of-the-Box Actionable Insights for Data Lakes – A number of built-in reports answer common access and usage questions such as who is accessing sensitive data, using which applications and how often.
  • Business Analytics Integration – All enriched audit activity can be queried and analyzed using any analytics tool. Okera Spotlight integrates with most BI tools through an ODBC/JDBC interface, making it simple to build dashboards in popular tools such as Tableau and Looker.
  • SIEM Integration – The enriched audit activity can be integrated with SIEM and log management tools such as Splunk or Sumologic. Through a real-time dashboard or in conjunction with existing workflows, data stewards and security personnel can see anomalies in data access patterns and potentially prevent a data breach attempt from being successful by configuring alerts.

With Okera Spotlight installed, one can easily upgrade to the Okera Active Data Access Platform, which allows businesses to create and enforce policies for unified access control on their sensitive data.

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