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A research team from the University of Pisa seeks your participation in their Data Science Survey. The survey is mainly addressed at those who work every day in the field of data science, either on their own or for a company.

This questionnaire will provide the starting point for defining a common framework among those working in data science. We think we will make the results of the questionnaire public 100%, so that the community can benefit from it.

The team is led by Professor G. Fantoni and Professor F. Chiarello from the engineering department of the University of Pisa with a focus on making research in this field applicable to the market, focusing in particular on the topic of NLP. The research team works every day in close contact with local companies, based at Gatecentre.eu.

The survey focuses on three aspects of Data Science:

  • Defining the peculiar characteristics of the process
  • Defining the risks to which it is exposed
  • Examining how data scientists approach the design of their work

The project we are working on consists of the following steps:

  • Study of the data science process, from a managerial point of view
  • Definition of design methods for data science
  • The questionnaire is the starting point for the first step

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