Understanding Intention: Using Content, Context, and the Crowd to Build Better Search Applications

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This white paper by enterprise search specialists Lucidworks, points out that unlike consumer search, which has become a seamless part of our everyday lives, the enterprise side might as well still be running Windows 95. Imagine if Amazon, Google, or Facebook treated every user the same, regardless of who they are, where they are, what they’re searching for, and what they’ve clicked. Your users expect that same sophistication in their enterprise apps.

The white paper includes discussions highlighting characteristics of enterprise search including:

  • Easy isn’t enough
  • People want action
  • Relevancy is king
  • Content formats
  • Context
  • Crowd

Download the new white paper courtesy of Lucidworks to learn more and drill down on these characteristics. Also included are 5 well-crafted examples of how Content, Context, and Crowd can impact relevancy and importance on the enterprise side.

Lucidworks builds enterprise search solutions for some of the world’s largest brands. Fusion, Lucidworks’ advanced search platform, provides the enterprise-grade capabilities needed to design, develop, and deploy intelligent search apps—at any scale. Companies across all industries, from consumer retail and health care to insurance and financial services, rely on
Lucidworks every day to power their consumer-facing and enterprise search apps.

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