Graph Analysis Help for COVID-19 Tracking and Research Efforts

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TigerGraph is providing technology assistance to those working to track, analyze and research COVID-19. The company is providing free use of TigerGraph’s graph database technology to those helping to prevent the spread of, and improve the treatment for, Coronavirus worldwide. Local, state and federal agencies, corporate users, as well as non-profits can access the free tier on TigerGraph Cloud to load data and perform advanced analysis using graph algorithms. Sample use cases include deploying community detection algorithms to identify clusters of virus infection, PageRank algorithms to identify super-spreading events and shortest path algorithms to understand the origin and impact of spread in a particular area. A single free instance can store billions of entities such as people, locations, medical supplies, and drugs along with their associated properties and connections. The company also invites users to submit a free trial request to use TigerGraph Enterprise Edition for analysis of sensitive data related to COVID-19 on their own hardware or in your data center. TigerGraph will extend the free trial, as necessary, to support the initiatives focused on eliminating COVID-19.

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