Video Highlights: Python Machine Learning Tutorials

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With COVID-19 keeping everyone indoors, this is the perfect opportunity to brush up your data science skills. Data science is a field that is booming and is playing a huge role in society. Instead of just reading a book, in this regular feature column, I will provide some great video learning resources. You can follow these YouTubers and gain insights and advice from their years of experience in the field. Plus you can learn how to code by following through their tutorials and pick up a new skill. So, fire up YouTube below and start learning!

The series offered below is courtesy of “Tech With Tim,” a top-notch programmer who teaches about Python, game development with Pygame, Java and machine learning. He creates well-thought-out coding tutorials on Python. This series starts out teaching basic machine learning concepts like linear regression and k-nearest neighbors and moves into more advanced topics like neural networks and convolution neural networks.

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