Video Highlights: Pi and The Art of Computer Programming

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If you program computers, especially if you’re a data scientist who writes code, then you should know about Donal Knuth. Knuth is the venerable Stanford University professor emeritus of computer science. He is responsible for the revered multi-volume text “The Art of Computer Programming.” I fondly remember using Vol. 1 in my undergrad CS classes at UCLA. I still have the original hardcover books in my personal library.

For our current edition of “Video Highlights” I’d like to offer Donald Knuth’s 25th Annual Christmas Lecture (2019): “Pi and The Art of Computer Programming.”

The number π appears thousands of times in The Art of Computer Programming, in many different contexts. Dr. I. J. Matrix has remarked that its digits, “when properly interpreted,” actually convey the entire history of the human race! [See page 41 of Volume 2.] This lecture will examine many interpretations of those digits, both proper and improper. Prof. Knuth also highlights his latest text “The Art of Computer Programming, Vol. 4, Fascicle 5.”

Professor Knuth is the Professor Emeritus of the Art of Computer Programming at Stanford University. Dr. Knuth’s classic programming texts include his seminal work The Art of Computer Programming, Volumes 1-3, widely considered to be among the best scientific writings of the century.

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