Building Powerful Enterprise AI Infrastructure: How to Design Enduring Infrastructure for AI

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Our friends over at cloud-neutral colocation data center company Interxion have published a whitepaper titled, “Building Powerful Enterprise AI Infrastructure: How to design enduring infrastructure for AI,” which details the requirements of an ideal infrastructure environment when it comes to reaping the benefits of today’s growing volume of data and enabling AI at scale.

AI has become a game changer in highly competitive markets like healthcare, academic research, supply and logistics, robotics, financial services, media and entertainment, retail and autonomous vehicles. In fact, 63 percent of enterprises report increased revenue as a result of incorporating AI. By automating repetitive processes, delivering new strategic insights, and accelerating innovation, AI has the power to revolutionize business.

However, building the infrastructure needed to support AI deployment at scale is a growing challenge. Traditional AI methods such as machine learning don’t necessarily require a ton of data. But with deep learning and the emergence of IoT/5G, there’s going to be a huge amount of data generated from factories, smart cities, driverless cars, edge devices, and so on. Designing an infrastructure capable of leveraging that data for AI is complex.

The whitepaper includes the following sections:

  • The Benefits of AI/DL for the Enterprise
  • The AI Infrastructure Challenge
  • Enabling AI Workloads with a Powerful, Holistic Infrastructure
  • Partners with Proven, Real-world AI Experience
  • AI-ready Data Center Solutions

In partnership with NVIDIA, Interxion offers everything enterprises need to develop and scale their AI infrastructure, from advanced power and cooling technology to access to a thriving  community of connectivity and cloud providers.

Download the full white paper HERE.

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