Video Highlights: The Soul of a New AI

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Joseph Blue is a Customer-Facing Data Scientist at DataRobot and has 20 years of hands-on experience including concentrations in financial services & healthcare. Prior to DataRobot, he built solutions for United Healthcare, HNC Software, ID Analytics and MapR. Currently helping to democratize data science with Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) – one organization, indivisible, with insights and value for all. Joseph Blue was speaking at ODSC Europe 2019 in the presentation below.

In this session, live examples of machines attempting to emulate human expression (literature, music, art, etc.) are shown using current, cutting-edge open-source models with the code repository provided. Blue also reviews real-life examples of impacts to model performance. Does he discover a machine with a soul, or at least a “one hit wonder?” Either way, you should come away inspired to get more of your soul into the models. Enjoy!

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