A Comprehensive Guide to Evaluating Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

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This white paper by our friends over at HGS Digital aims to help you evaluate Customer Data Platform (CDP) vendors on various key areas. Investing in a CDP should be done with a long-term aim – various systems from which the data is imported and systems to which data is  exported may change over time, but the CDP becomes the master repository of data and should be leveraged by the marketing organization for a very long time.

Through a well-defined evaluation process including vendor demos and proof of concept, you can aim to select a vendor that can meet all your business’s current as well as future needs. The next few sections help explain various aspects of the CDPs and the type of questions that  you need to ask the vendors.

“Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are gaining prominence because of the immense amount of value that they bring to the marketing organization. As the industry is growing fast with new vendors joining quickly, it’s important for your organization to evaluate and identify the right CDP vendor to work with. Many vendors claim they provide a complete solution, although they may not. It’s therefore upon your organization to evaluate the vendors as they bring distinct capabilities that suit your business needs.”

The 13 page white paper includes the following sections to provide characteristics for evaluating CDPs:

  • Data Ingestion & Storage
  • Data Quality & Enrichment
  • Identity Unification
  • Data Segmentation
  • Reporting Capabilities
  • Data Actioning
  • Data Security
  • Performance & Scalability
  • Architecture
  • Business & Pricing Evaluation
CDP evaluation considerations for Reporting Capabilities

Download the new white paper courtesy of HGS Digital to show you how performing a Proof of Concept (POC) helps provide hands-on evaluation of the products, which can be extremely effective while choosing the right CDP vendor.

HGS Digital is a consulting and services provider that has helped marketing and IT teams within 100+ organizations with digital transformation solutions. Through data-driven marketing services, the company helps customers select the right CDP systems and implement a unified data platform that helps marketing teams get higher ROI out of their existing marketing investments.

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