Addressing AI Trust, Systemic Bias & Transparency as Business Priorities

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Trustworthy, Fair, Transparent and Responsible AI is the number one priority for business leaders for very good reason.

Noting the size of fines regulators are handing out for misuse of AI, the risk of going live with an AI system that nobody understands, the bias that leads to irreparable brand damage and the lack of transparency in automated decisioning means business leaders are struggling to ascertain the real value of AI to their business.

Our friend Dr Stuart Battersby, CTO of Chatterbox Labs (an Enterprise Al Company), reached out to us to share how his company built a patented AI Model Insights Platform (AIMI) to address the lack of explainability & trust, systemic bias and vulnerabilities within any AI model or system.

The automated software platform’s pillars include: Explain, Trace, Action, Fairness & Vulnerabilities which together bring trust, transparency and fairness to any AI model in any AI engine. Below is short product video of the company’s AIMI platform:

Addressing industry wide business challenges with AI has its problems; the concerns of risk, ethics, bias, regulation and understanding business outcomes become even greater due to the opaque nature of an AI outcome.

Chatterbox’s AIMI is allowing business leaders to sleep easy at night knowing their AI systems are understood.

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