Be (More) Wrong Faster – Dumbing Down Artificial Intelligence with Bad Data

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In this white paper,”Be (More) Wrong Faster – Dumbing Down Artificial Intelligence with Bad Data,” our friends over at Profisee discuss how Master Data Management (MDM) will put your organization on the fast track to automating processes and decisions while minimizing  resource requirements, while simultaneously eliminating the risks associated with feeding AI and ML data  that is not fully trusted. In turn, your digital business transformation will be accelerated and your competitive  edge will be rock solid.

The lifeblood of AI and ML is data, and the data used as input to them must be fully trustworthy. Master data  that is suitable for use across disparate business processes and analytics must meet a range of data quality dimensions.

If data quality is not continuously and automatically maintained, the data  that was of sufficient quality at a  given time for a given purpose will very quickly decay. Such data will not be suitable for use in AI supported business processes. The data that is most critical in this scenario is the master data that describes the core  entities involved in these business processes and analytics. MDM is the right solution to use to onboard and  maintain reusable master data, and to control the lifecycle of that data.

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Download this white paper, “Be (More) Wrong Faster – Dumbing Down Artificial Intelligence with Bad Data” to read more about how to build a trusted foundation of enterprise data to accelerate your business with the Profisee multi-domain MDM platform.

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