Why CRM and Data Warehouses Fail with Customer 360

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This whitepaper, “Why CRM and Data Warehouses Fail with Customer 360,” from our friends over at Profisee explains why achieving a complete view of the customer is so difficult and how customer relationship management (CRM) systems and data warehouses, especially in the  insurance industry, do not manage customer-related data well. The core elements of this type  of data fall into a discipline called Master Data Management (MDM).

Building a Customer 360 program can indeed transform the customer relationship, leading to higher revenues through cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and improving the customer retention rate. With all the software products and know-how available, why do so many insurance companies fail to deliver on their customer-centric objectives? Hint: it almost always boils down to data.

Download this white paper, “Why CRM and Data Warehouses Fail with Customer 360” to read more about how mastering data is important for an insurance company to stay agile, to put it into a position to take advantage of market opportunities. MDM connects all this data together to help companies build competitive advantages.

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