Calling All Data Professionals: SQream Launches the Massive Data Video Challenge

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SQream invites data professionals to share their analytics challenges and win a $50 Amazon gift card.

Across industries, organizational data is growing to massive new proportions. The growth is so remarkable, in fact, that Big Data is being replaced as a term by Massive Data – a much more accurate descriptor of today’s volumes. Businesses are continually seeking new methods to derive more value from their mounds of data. To gain a critical edge on the growing competition, stay ahead of cyber threats, effectively manage risk, and successfully face a myriad of business challenges, enterprises realize the critical importance of leveraging their data for faster and better decision-making.

While massive data brings great opportunity, it also brings a host of challenges in accessing, preparing, and analyzing the data. Data professionals dealing with terabytes and petabytes find themselves waiting hours and days on complex SQL queries – if they are able to complete at all. Dimensionality is limited, with hours of preparation required for each change in perspective. Data preparation is so time consuming, in fact, that according to an IDG report, Data Scientists spend only 20% of their time on actual analysis. Legacy systems that were built for a previous era of data struggle with modern-day workloads, resulting in analytic reports that reflect only a fraction of available data. Business stakeholders are often unable to obtain the reports they need, and miss out on critical business insights. 

In these times of uncertainty, people everywhere are looking for one thing – control.  Data professionals, too, deserve to have control of their most valuable asset, and they are starting to demand it. The heightened expectations of the industry together with the advent of the Massive Data Era has laid the groundwork for the Massive Data Revolution.

SQream, developer of a leading platform for massive data analytics acceleration, is inviting data professionals to join the Massive Data Revolution by making their own data challenges known in a short video. Struggles around all areas of the data pipeline are welcome, be it lengthy ETL, time-consuming data preparation, long-running queries, complex JOINs, or the need to be able to analyze much more data.

As well as the opportunity to have their voice – and greatest analytics challenges – heard by fellow practitioners, industry experts, and solution providers, qualifying participants will also receive an Amazon gift card as a token of camaraderie from SQream.  

“Data professionals have for too-long been subject to severe limitations and unnecessary difficulties in their day-to-day work. Legacy systems are holding massive data hostage, with extremely long-running queries and the need for arduous data preparation standing in the way of critical insights.” says David Leichner, CMO of SQream. “What was acceptable for data volumes that existed ten or even five years ago is no longer enough. With the rise of the Massive Data Revolution, we want data practitioners to take an active part in creating a new status quo. By creating an open conversation about the biggest industry challenges, we raise the bar on what the data community expects and demands of data analytics systems and processes.”

SQream’s Massive Data Revolution Video Challenge is open to data leaders such as CIOs and CDOs, as well as practitioners including DBAs, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Scientists. More information about the Massive Data Revolution Video Challenge can be found here, and video entries may be submitted by December 16th.

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