XAI: Are We Looking Before We Leap?

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This four part report, “XAI: Are We Looking Before We Leap?,” from our friends over at SOSA highlights the challenges and advances when it comes to regulations, relevant use-cases, and emerging technologies taking the mystery out of AI.

Explainable AI is getting a lot of attention lately, and for a good reason. Netflix’s recent  release of its eye-opening and controversial docudrama, “The Social Dilemma” has brought  the discussion to the mainstream. Directed by Jeff Orlowski, the film features former top  executives that worked at the largest tech companies and highlights their growing concerns  regarding the inherently deep, dark cultural effects of social media.

The report about the future of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) is provided by the global open innovation company, SOSA. The report highlights the importance of XAI as an emerging tech for AI regulation and adoption.

Some interesting highlights:

  • SOSA found that more than $222M has already been invested across the board to develop the technology that will help us understand how and why an AI model makes a specific decision. The ability to explain the inner workings of AI will increase transparency and promote accountability.
  • The report discusses the regulatory steps U.S., EU, and China are making – as nations are racing to become the world leader in AI.
  • The implications of AI in insurance tech – SOSA interviewed Dr. Luca Marighetti, the Group Head Tech Transformation at Swiss Re who raises questions like “Who is responsible when things go wrong? … given that you cannot put an algorithm in jail?”

Download the complete report HERE.  

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