Video Highlights: Content Driven Advertising using First Party Data

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For quite some time, the advertising industry has assumed that targeting based on online demographic data equates to better ad performance. However, with recent changes in data privacy laws and implementation, the entire industry will have to change the way advertisers can and should be connecting to users. It behooves all of us to find sustainable solutions that free us from relying on third-party data.

Making context the centerpiece of ad targeting gives an opportunity to reduce the reliance on demographic databases and put more emphasis on relevant intent signals from when the user is consuming content.

In the video presentation below, Amit Bhattacharyya, Head of Data Science at VOX Media, describes a clustering model that connects users to the content they are consuming to identify context-based audience segments. In turn, these segments are used to train a classification model that is used in real time to inform advertising without relying on 3rd-party cookies.

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