Video Highlights: AI’s Role in Fight Against COVID-19

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Legal and compliance technology company, Relativity premiered its latest installment of its On the Merits documentary series, which aims to showcase how people use data for the greater good. This year’s documentary explores how AI was leveraged in the race for answers around COVID-19.

In March 2020, the White House put out a call to action for data scientists to use machine learning and AI to help with public researchers’ efforts related to COVID-19. The documentary features insight from data scientists from around the world, The Allen Institute of AI and a physician who specializes in AI who is known as the first intergalactic doctor. In addition to highlighting the potential of platforms like Relativity’s analytics to solve unknown challenges in real time, the documentary also touches on broader AI trends, including the future of AI and the role it has the potential to play in dismantling inequities and eliminating biases in data.

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