JADBio Provides AutoML for BioMed Data

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JADBio is an AI startup company working with BioMed data. This remarkable team, headed by Prof. Ioannis Tsamardinos, has created an automated machine learning (AutoML) platform designed for life scientists. No Coding. No Statistics. No Math. No Problem … just add data.  

The company launched in July 2020 with the mission to provide research institutions, data scientists, and companies with the power to automatically analyze data so as to discover new science, benefit human health and even help improve business decisions. 

AI, machine learning, deep learning are mostly used as contemporary buzzwords but what we’re seeing right now is that exponentially developing technology bestows users capabilities never before experienced at the click of a button. A shortage of data scientists in correlation with the abundance of data coming in and going out is creating a real-time conundrum.

JADBio makes machine learning analysis automatic, which significantly levels the playing field allowing everyone to harness insights from their data regardless of the level of expertise, in addition to exponentially enhancing the productivity and results of expert analysts. The platform is a complicated set of algorithms and tools that help analysts do their job faster, saving time. It has been designed by data scientists and researchers working in bioinformatics, and although it can be tested with any sort of data, it is purpose-built for biology (humans, animals, plants, etc.). That means it can support low sample sizes with huge feature sets (close to a million), it can predict survival analysis, and give you more than one model with identical prediction power but different features.

JADBio develops and brings to market an AutoML system, a straightforward tool for analysis of molecular, biological, and biomedical data. The company is aptly named JADBio because you: Just Add Data Bio (get it?). 

Active Research

JADBio has proven to be an integral AI system for significant life science companies. The company currently has hundreds of registered users, along with a FREE 14-Day trial, no strings attached. The system has been scientifically validated, and JADBio has published and continues to publish in the most prestigious scientific journals. The company’s scientific work earned more than 1000 citations this year alone (https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=7fendUwAAAAJ&hl=en). The company’s case studies examine a wide range of areas, including COVID-19, cancer subtype diagnosis, prediction of response to therapy, protein function prediction, suicide prediction, nanomaterial property prediction.

During 2020 JADBio started working with the Tumor Molecular Pathology (TMP) Analysis Working Group (AWG) of The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA). TCGA is the largest national oncology project in the United States, with a total annual budget of more than $360 million. JADBio analyzed their data as part of an all-star roster of bioinformatics teams. With the help of JADBio, they produced excellent results with just a few clicks. 

About JADBio’s CEO

Dr. Ioannis Tsamardinos is a Professor of Artificial Intelligence and CEO at JADBio, the AutoML platform specifically designed for life science data and particularly molecular data. He has published over 110 scientific papers in international journals and conferences on the development of novel, state-of-the-art algorithms and theory for Machine Learning, Bayesian Network learning, Variable Selection, and Causal Discovery. His work on automatic time-limited actions design was applied to the NASA Dean Space I software. In his spare time, he is an enthusiastic underwater diver.

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