Mastercard’s Five Pillars of AI

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Businesses are rushing to adopt AI — but they need to consider ethics right off the bat if they want to build trust and future-proof their business. This special report from Brighterion highlights how more than 60% of consumers consider brands more trustworthy if they think their use of AI is ethical — meaning today’s businesses must be able to demonstrate responsible AI as the technology becomes critical to the future of work. It’s not enough for an organization to be branded as ethical. The report discusses how the C-Suite can maximize their use of AI and future-proof their business, while also building trust in their practices and data.

The report also goes into how AI will yield significant long-term benefits for businesses, but they need to invest in ethical, continuous monitoring for bias as they develop and implement AI models. And as skepticism of the technology grows, the report dives into how organizations that have ethics policies in place should be sure to enforce them.

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