The 3 Reasons Enterprises Need an AI Operating System for Intelligent process Automation

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This new whitepaper, “The 3 Reasons Enterprises Need an AI Operating System for Intelligent process Automation,” from Veritone highlights how evolving technology meets enterprise demand for agile, intelligence-based solutions in the shape of AI-based operating systems (OS) across three areas: (i) AI OS for automation of human work; (ii) AI OS for process automation across all data sources; and (iii) AI OS for democratization of AI across the

The pressures imposed by the increase in remote working have resulted in accelerated content review and automation strategies. These strategies effectively connect the dots across  an enterprise to improve transparency, relevancy, and action. Content insight lies at  the heart of this transformation. Indeed, automation of content processing, whether from  customers and partners or internally produced, is fast becoming a primary objective for  operational leaders. Traditionally, OCR filled this space but as content expands to more media sources, AI operating systems are filling the void.

Developments in AI-based solutions mean that it’s becoming easier to search for, recognize, extract, tag, and place into a structured format, the data that is so crucial to making a business run. But implementation has been a challenge as organizations evaluate the pros and cons of recruiting a team of data scientists, and painstakingly building up their own AI models. Today, in line with the “in-a-box” consumption trend, artificial intelligence, too, can be built into enterprise architectures to drive benefits across multiple areas at the same time. Operating systems driven by artificial intelligence can uncover insights from massive amounts of data in near real time and at scale.

The true potential of AI will only be gained by organizations that recognize the potential, as  well as the need, to embed AI across all content types that span their entire operation.

Download this white paper, “The 3 Reasons Enterprises Need an AI Operating System for Intelligent process Automation” to learn about Veritone aiWARE, the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence. aiWARE orchestrates a diverse ecosystem of hundreds of best-of-breed AI models to transform audio, video, text, and other data sources into actionable intelligence, in near real time.

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