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In this regular column, we’ll bring you all the latest industry news centered around our main topics of focus: big data, data science, machine learning, AI, and deep learning. Our industry is constantly accelerating with new products and services being announced everyday. Fortunately, we’re in close touch with vendors from this vast ecosystem, so we’re in a unique position to inform you about all that’s new and exciting. Our massive industry database is growing all the time so stay tuned for the latest news items describing technology that may make you and your organization more competitive.

Datometry Launches Hyper-Q for Oracle  Accelerating Cloud-First Data Warehouse Re-platforming

Datometry, the pioneer in Database Virtualization, announced support for Oracle applications in its flagship product Datometry® Hyper-Q™, the first database virtualization platform to make databases and applications fully interoperable. Datometry Hyper-Q for Oracle will enable enterprises to run their business-critical applications, originally written for Oracle, on Microsoft Azure Synapse, Google BigQuery or Amazon Redshift without the hassle of a painful database migration.

Datometry Hyper-Q empowers enterprises to run their existing applications on modern cloud data warehouses without rewriting or reconfiguring them, providing a significant reduction in time, cost and risk compared to attempts at manual migration. Using Hyper-Q for Oracle enterprises can re-platform their data warehousing workloads from Oracle to the public cloud within months.

“IT leaders dependent on Oracle today are increasingly desperate to move to cloud-native alternatives. However, conventional database migrations have long been the bane of the industry: they are incredibly expensive, time-consuming, and highly risk-laden,” said Mike Waas, CEO, Datometry. “Hyper-Q for Oracle changes the dynamics completely. With Hyper-Q enterprises can now re-platform their applications, originally built on Oracle, to a modern cloud data warehouse at a fraction of time, cost, and risk.”

Yellowfin Launches Data Storytelling Feed In New Release

Yellowfin, a leading analytics vendor, has released version 9.6 with new enhancements and capabilities that unify actionable dashboards, automated business monitoring and data storytelling into a unique analytics experience for business users. Yellowfin Stories, introduced in Yellowfin 8, enables the creation of data narratives that generate a consistent understanding across an enterprise. Business users have the ability to combine written, long form analysis with embedded images, text, video or snapshots of analytical content from Yellowfin, all within a governed and secure platform.

“As analytic capabilities expand, the demand for a new analytics experience beyond traditional dashboards and users is increasing,” said Glen Rabie, CEO of Yellowfin. “Our Signals and Story products are unique and combining feeds from both products with our exceptional action-based dashboards, enables Yellowfin to deliver a unified, consumer-focused analytics experience to our customers who are looking to use data in more decisions.” Expands Momentum Suite, Giving Revenue Leaders an In Depth View of Deal Pipeline, the Conversation Intelligence Platform for high growth Revenue teams, announced Momentum Pipeline, an extension of the Momentum Suite, which offers a holistic view of deal pipeline in real-time. Revenue leaders and frontline managers require the ability to view the overall health of current opportunities while still being able to dive deeper into individual accounts for detailed relationship intelligence. 

“Extending our vision of the Momentum suite to include a summary of deal pipeline enables Revenue leaders to quickly understand the individual opportunities with high engagement and those at risk,” said Jim Benton, CEO of “Momentum is the first purpose-built solution to enable managers to quickly and precisely pinpoint the relationships that need their attention based on AI-driven signals like ‘wow’ moments or when a competitor comes up. They can then instantly drill into the specific moments behind those interactions for coaching and forecasting purposes. It’s an incredible advancement for all Revenue teams and one that you can’t imagine not having once you use it.” 

DigitalOcean Launches Managed MongoDB 

DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:DOCN), the cloud for developers, startups and SMBs, announced DigitalOcean Managed MongoDB, a new, fully-managed database as a service (DBaaS) offering in partnership with MongoDB, Inc., a leading, modern general purpose database platform. Managed MongoDB helps developers of all skill levels easily spin up MongoDB clusters on DigitalOcean.  It also simplifies database administration by seamlessly managing, scaling and securing clusters so developers can spend more time building their apps and growing their businesses. 

“DigitalOcean’s managed services are a key way we help eliminate the complexity of the cloud so customers can easily turn their ideas into powerful applications that help change the world,” said Jeff Guy, Chief Operating Officer, DigitalOcean. “Our partnership with MongoDB expands our portfolio of highly curated, managed offerings tailored specifically to the developer, startup and SMB markets. By adding support for MongoDB we can extend the benefits of this powerful technology to our customers around the world — even those without database experience or expertise.” 

Alluxio Brings Substantial Performance and Ease of Use Improvements to GPU-Centric AI/ML Workloads with v2.6 Release

Alluxio, the developer of open source data orchestration software for large-scale workloads, announced the immediate availability of version 2.6 of its Data Orchestration Platform. This new release features an enhanced system architecture enabling AI/ML platform teams using GPUs to accelerate their data pipelines for business intelligence, applied machine learning and model training.

“Enterprises seeking competitive advantage are making greater use of machine learning and AI to derive insights from massive datasets,” said Haoyuan Li, Founder and CEO, Alluxio. “These datasets are often distributed across hybrid cloud environments, making more consistent and efficient data access critical to realizing the value from their AI/ML initiatives.”

MANTA Launches Latest Version of its Data Lineage Platform with Active Tags Feature

Data lineage platform MANTA announced a list of enhancements to its platform that provides customers with deeper visibility into their complex data environments. Among these updates includes an industry-first active tags feature, which allows users to easily highlight any asset in the context of their data pipelines. By attributing fully customized icons to individual nodes, teams working on data privacy and data quality issues will significantly improve collaboration and accelerate issue resolution.

“Organizations are increasingly becoming aware of data quality and privacy issues but cannot see how these issues are affecting their data pipeline,” said Ernie Ostic, SVP of products at MANTA. “Without this context, it’s impossible to know how critical an issue is or what else within the business it might be disrupting. With active tags, users will now be able to flag, identify and draw attention to these issues within the data pipeline, enabling them to better visualize the issues and prioritize which need to be addressed first.”

NICE Sets the Standard for Responsible Design and Deployment of AI-Powered Robots by Unveiling its Robo-Ethical Framework

NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) unveiled a Robo Ethical Framework promoting responsibility and transparency in the design, creation and deployment of AI-powered robots. NICE’s ethical guidelines set the standard for designing, building and deploying robots, and form the basis for solid and ethically sound robot and human collaboration. Comprising a set of five guiding principles, NICE’s Robo-Ethical Framework underlies every interaction with process robots – from planning to implementation – and drives ethically sound human-robot partnerships in the workplace. The launch of this framework reiterates the company’s dedication to these standards and invites industry wide adoption.

“We are at an exciting time in history where with the support of AI-driven smart robots, the human workforce can deliver brand-differentiating, next-gen CX,” said Barry Cooper, President, NICE Workforce & Customer Experience Group. “NICE is proud to take the lead in ensuring the use of robots for the betterment of humankind, articulating the ethical principles that act as guidelines for the development of our own AI-driven innovations and, through this framework, across the RPA field. Our industry’s first robo-ethical framework reflects our commitment to this effort, and we urge industry leaders to join us.”

Airbyte Commoditizes Database Replication by Open-Sourcing Log-Based Change Data Capture

Airbyte, creators of the fast growing open source data integration platform, announced the release of the Airbyte log-based Change Data Capture (CDC) open source software. This enables data stored in MySQL and Postgres databases to be replicated quickly and efficiently anywhere. In July, Airbyte plans to add support for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MongoDB and DynamoDB. 

“Some open-source solutions for CDC exist, but all of them are very hard to implement,” said Michel Tricot, co-founder and CEO of Airbyte. “Until now, there was no easy, no-code way of doing database replication with log-based change data capture technology. With Airbyte, any authorized user is able to start replicating databases within minutes without writing a line of code — not days later after significant work by engineering teams.”

Elucidate launches open database of financial crime risk scores in the banking industry

Elucidate, the financial crime risk scoring platform, has launched the Elucidate FinCrime Risk Monitor (EFRM), an open database for scoring the financial crime risk vulnerability of financial institutions. During a time when financial crime scandals are increasingly common, the EFRM looks to increase transparency in the finance industry.

“This is the first time that a credible financial crime benchmark has been openly published for all to see,” said Shane Riedel, CEO of Elucidate. “Financial crime is not an abstract regulatory or legal issue; rather it is profound human suffering caused by activities like corruption, people trafficking and terrorist financing. A future that includes a dramatic reduction in financial crime is a future in which data and metrics guide behaviours and performance. Elucidate is leading that path to that future through the EFRM.”

Infinidat Builds Momentum with AIOps to Enable Enterprise Customers to Simplify and Improve IT Operations through Storage-as-a-Service

Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise-class storage solutions, announced that it has delivered on its storage-as-a-service (STaaS) strategy via AIOps technology and flexible consumption models at petabyte scale. The company’s Neural Cache deep learning technology, AIOps offerings, strategic partnerships and consumption-based models have resulted in significant momentum helping enterprise customers simplify IT operations.  

“The breadth of Infinidat’s end-to-end AIOps offerings differentiates us in the enterprise market, enabling centralized operations, improving cost management, and resulting in scalable, multi-petabyte storage-as-a-service,” said Phil Bullinger, CEO at Infinidat. “We are leading the way to radically simplify IT operations at scale. Simultaneously, we are helping our customers fulfill service level agreements with 100% guaranteed availability and mission-critical performance. Infinidat is aligned with the needs of enterprise customers for AIOps and continues to reinforce the value we create for customers.”

Algolia Announces Availability of Artificial Intelligence-Based Recommendation API, Algolia Recommend

Algolia, a leading API Platform for Dynamic Experiences, announced the general availability of Algolia Recommend, a high-performing, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-optimized API that accelerates the creation and implementation of product recommendations across digital touchpoints.

”We’ve had several hundred companies use Algolia Recommend during our two-month beta period. Some companies, such as The Vegan Kind, went into production with Algolia Recommend within days,” said Julien Lemoine, CTO, Algolia. “The beta program has been a success, both in terms of the number of beta users and their successful use of the new API to easily ‘switch on’ the new recommendation capabilities very quickly within their own environments.”

AI Data Research Leader LogicPlum Releases Comprehensive New Software Iteration to Combat Organization Bias: LogicPlum 3.1

LogicPlum unveiled its latest platform version, LogicPlum 3.1, now fully loaded with the power of LogicPlum Neutral. Believing that bias and fairness detection should be a part of every AI project going forward, LogicPlum 3.1 scans a wide variety of organizational data for hidden biases, allowing companies to both screen and begin implementing strategies needed to make significant and real change on this front. LogicPlum is an award-winning AI-data-analysis platform that translates business problems into AI solutions for a global clientele, helping bridge the divide between the latest advances in machine learning and practical applications for the business world.

“LogicPlum has an established history of going above and beyond constructing AI models accurately and efficiently for businesses,” said Damian Mingle, LogicPlum Founder. “LogicPlum 3.1 can now help identify and correct a wide variety of blind spots when it comes to bias. If your company’s aim is to treat people fairly, then LogicPlum Neutral makes it easy and simple to achieve that goal. Just define the attributes you want to protect: depending on the industry, these are typically categories like gender, race, age, religion, etc. LogicPlum will then blend in that desire for protection for specific data features, smartly building AI that gives a competitive advantage. Insights generated from LogicPlum Neutral opens a window into any organization, displaying unconscious and hidden biases that are buried deep inside an organization as well as picking up on those that were hiding in plain sight. LogicPlum helps identify them all, letting institutions start a productive conversation and begin mapping the road to real change.”

New Native Dremio Connector in Tableau Streamlines BI on Lakehouses

Dremio, the SQL Lakehouse company, announced the debut of a native Dremio connector in Tableau, available today with the release of Tableau 2021.2. The native connector extends Tableau’s support of Dremio and enhances ease of use and accelerated time-to-insight by allowing customers to perform BI workloads directly on the data lake.

As companies race to become data-driven, democratized access to data across an organization is essential. A fast, streamlined data analytics experience is critical for companies to quickly make impactful data-driven decisions and drive overall business growth. With the new native Dremio connector in Tableau Online, Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop, Dremio and Tableau enable users to create powerful, interactive dashboards that run directly on their data lakes and lakehouses to drive faster time-to-insight.

“The world’s largest companies use Tableau and Dremio to run mission-critical BI workloads directly on their data lakes and lakehouses,” said Roger Frey, vice president of business development at Dremio. “With the native Dremio connector in Tableau, we’re amplifying the combined power of Tableau and Dremio with a best-in-class experience, enabling customers to perform BI workloads on large datasets without having to copy data into proprietary data warehouses.”

FullStory Introduces Innovations that Empower Companies to Perfect their Digital Experiences

FullStory, a leader in digital experience intelligence (DXI), announced significant enhancements to its award-winning DXI platform to help companies build better digital products and experiences using new insights into what consumers are doing, and why. The new Signals and Funnels capabilities extend FullStory’s platform to help companies better understand how customers move through their digital experiences—and how to proactively surface and address revenue-impacting issues and opportunities. Companies can leverage complete, anonymized customer behavioral data to take decisive, data-driven action based on more than a dozen pre-configured digital engagement metrics. 

“FullStory’s DXI platform offers brands a blueprint for reducing friction and improving conversion rates,” said Agata Bugaj, VP of Product at FullStory. “These new enhancements not only offer aggregated insights into digital experiences, but also provide intelligence around the full scope, context and impact of issues and opportunities.”

AISERA Transforms Customer Experience & Customer Service with AI & Automation

Aisera, the AI Customer service that automates tasks, actions, and workflows for all organizations, announced that it has significantly enhanced its Customer Service & Customer Experience (CX) solutions. The company has expanded the AISM platform to fortify Customer Service and CX products with comprehensive Revenue Acceleration, Billing, Subscriptions, Customer Support, and other business processes automation. This expansion augments and improves the entire Customer Experience—delivering deeper Customer Intelligence and a vastly improved, automated user experience, yielding dramatically higher CSAT with greater productivity. 

“We’re very excited to work, partner and continue the journey with customers like Zoom. Aisera is continuously investing in people, product and technology. We want to help organizations to strengthen their Customer Intelligence and Customer Service functions to gain greater value and insights leveraging AI and Automation,” said Aisera founder and CEO Muddu Sudhakar. “We’re thrilled to provide scalable and high-performance AI-powered Customer Experience and Customer services to help users resolve service requests and troubleshoot technical and product issues. Our goal is to enable businesses to offer concierge-level capabilities and expedite customer resolutions promptly, autonomously, and seamlessly.”

Next Generation Stratus ftServers® Optimized for Data-Intensive Applications at the Edge Now Available

Stratus Technologies, a leader in simplified, protected, autonomous Edge Computing platforms, today announced the next generation of its Stratus ftServer® line of fault tolerant edge servers. Offering up to 50% greater performance, Stratus’ latest ftServers provide computing power and reliability optimized for the industrial edge and for edge data center locations. Stratus ftServer computing platforms allow organizations to build distributed, edge-in architectures required to run advanced software applications, manage large scale I/O counts, and collect real-time data. In addition, the latest generation ftServer line offers expanded configurations for VARs, Systems Integrators, Solution Builders, and end-users to fine-tune Edge Computing power and performance for current as well as future software deployments.

Dhiva Launches Advanced Analytical Business Intelligence Platform with “Why” Analytics

Dhiva, the next generation AI-driven Analytical Business Intelligence automation company, announced the launch of Dhiva 2.0. The platform features Dhiva Analyst and Dhiva Explorer to automate “Why Analytics” and identify drivers of performance with diagnostic Machine Learning and a symbolic AI engine leveraging hundreds of analytical rules and constructs. Organizations can increase speed to insights and increase productivity. Text and analytical summaries for reports and dashboards can be generated in minutes with Machine Learning models without templates or coding.

“Dhiva’s unique semantic knowledge architecture and orchestration makes it simple for our customers to accelerate insight generation and make quicker, better decisions related to key performance indicators (KPIs),” said Viv Penninti, Founder and CEO of Dhiva. “Dhiva’s AI driven, no-code, self-service approach goes far beyond traditional visualization. The platform delivers automated data story generation, automatic text summarization, push alerts, and a virtual analyst that can answer both “what” and “why” questions.”

Hasura GraphQL Engine Adds Breakthrough New Features for Faster API Access to Siloed Data

Hasura, the data access infrastructure company, announced it is the first to add the ability to access data across databases at the API layer with cross database joins, one of the most requested features by users of Hasura GraphQL Engine. The company also announced schema sharing capabilities and git-based CI/CD workflows. These features are available in preview and will be generally available later this year.

“Companies have made significant investments into databases and are seeking a better solution that allows for cross-cloud and cross-database access to data that doesn’t require data movement. Hasura has significantly accelerated the time to market for our users by automating the access to existing data with GraphQL API,” said Tanmai Gopal, co-founder and CEO of Hasura. “With today’s announcement, we have taken a major step in providing our customers with the industry-first ability to fetch data across federated databases with a GraphQL layer without any code saving them countless hours of development, operation and governance.”

SingleStore Announces Hybrid Multi-cloud, Unified Analytical and Transactional Database

SingleStore, the fast unified database for data-intensive applications, announced the availability of the only database in the industry that addresses both analytical and transactional workloads for the multi-cloud world. SingleStore users can scale their applications flexibly and cost effectively without compromising on performance. This marks a watershed moment for the database industry, which has historically architected databases for analytical or transactional workloads.

“Never before has a company architected a database for both analytics and transactional workloads — and without compromising on performance, efficiency or flexibility,” said SingleStore CEO Raj Verma. “SingleStore provides the world’s only highly performant, hybrid multi-cloud database that unifies analytical and transactional workloads. In introducing this, we’ve created a new category that will define the future of databases and data platforms.”

Heap Unveils Heap Illuminate, A Suite of Tools That Proactively Surface “Unknown Unknowns” in User Behavior

Heap, a leading digital insights platform, announced the release of Heap Illuminate, a suite of capabilities that automatically surface high-impact insights about user behavior on customers’ websites and digital products. By leveraging a Data Science layer built to natively integrate with Heap’s complete, automatically-captured behavioral data set, Heap Illuminate slashes the time it takes to locate high-value information, and can uncover large portions of the user journey that remain invisible to digital experience teams using other analytics platforms.

“Anonymized data from thousands of digital experiences shows that 38% of funnels leave out a key user action,” says Dan Robinson, CTO at Heap. “For teams trying to build great digital experiences, this is critical information about user behavior. Because we automatically collect all behavioral data from customers’ sites, we can leverage data science to quickly identify the events and correlations teams are missing, eliminate blind spots in their data, and automatically highlight the insights that will most impact the business.”

NeuTigers Announces Study Exploring the Use of AI and Wearables to Detect and Prevent Sickle Cell Anemia Exacerbation Crisis

NeuTigers, an Artificial Intelligence company spun out of Princeton University, has announced a study to investigate the use of AI and everyday wearables such as the Withings ScanWatch to detect early symptoms of the Sickle Cell Anemia Vaso-Occlusive Crisis (VOC), and prevent the exacerbation of the disease and the costly hospitalization of patients. Conducted at Assistance Publique- Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) by Prof. Frédéric Galacteros, the study will investigate NeuTigers’ StartDeep patients’ remote detection and prevention health platform to identify the digital signatures of impending chronic and/or acute crisis to enable early interventions, improve patients’ health outcome and overall quality of life.

The StarDeep platform miniaturizes AI using an advanced form of machine learning called Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). It can detect and identify the digital physiological signatures of various disease states deciphered from the collection of off-the shelf wearable medical devices data. Following successful studies and commercial solutions developed to detect respiratory conditions such as COVID-19, analysis of biomarkers for Diabetes, and assessment of mental health disorders for schizoaffective, major depressive, and bipolar, all with 90%+ accuracy, the technology will be investigated as part of a new integrated healthcare intervention paradigm in Sickle Cell Anemia.

Unlike traditional forms of linear machine learning, DNNs mimic how a brain works based on a principle called grow and prune developed at the Princeton Department of Engineering and Computing with co-Founder Prof. Niraj K. Jha. It is similar to how a toddler interprets the world and humans create energy efficient ‘’predictive models’’, that are very accurate, despite using during the learning phase very small data size.

“The best way to deal with a crisis is to avoid it happening in the first place. We are now entering a new era where medical early warning systems have become a reality,” said Adel Laoui, CEO and founder of NeuTigers. “We are excited at the possibility of deploying a technology that can save lives of patients dealing with Sickle Cell Anemia. The potential of the StarDeep platform to dramatically improve patient outcomes while slashing some of the highest costs of healthcare makes it one of the most exciting developments in preventative personal medicine.”

BittWare Extends IA-Series of Intel® Agilex™ FPGA-based Accelerator Product Line to Address Data-Intensive Compute, Network and Storage Workloads

BittWare, a Molex company, a leading supplier of enterprise-class accelerators for edge and cloud-computing applications, announced the expansion of its IA-Series of FPGA accelerators featuring Intel® Agilex™ FPGAs. The BittWare IA-Series of FPGA accelerators are designed to help customers develop and deploy next-gen edge and cloud applications, with greater flexibility and speed while reducing risk.

The new IA-420F low-profile PCIe card and IA-220-U2 computational storage processor join the IA-840F to provide a choice of three form factors popular in data center and network infrastructure. The trio of products are fully PCIe Gen 4 compliant, and include application reference designs in addition to support for the oneAPI™ programming model, which allows hardware developers the ability to create domain-specific FPGA platforms and application developers to build cross-architecture, single-source compilation designs.

“BittWare is excited to leverage Intel’s Agilex technology to support three of the most prevalent accelerator form factors used for data center and network infrastructure,” said Craig Petrie, vice president, Sales and Marketing of BittWare. “As a part of Molex, we are uniquely positioned to drive technology innovations in enterprise-class products, which empowers our customers to deploy Intel Agilex FPGA-based solutions at the card and server-level with reduced risk and cost.”

Domino 4.4 Boosts Data Scientists’ Ability to Work The Way They Want and Maximize Productivity

Domino Data Lab, provider of a leading Enterprise MLOps platform trusted by over 20% of the Fortune 100, announced the availability of Domino 4.4. This new update re-imagines the data science workbench, putting the most important capabilities a data scientist needs to solve the world’s critical problems at their fingertips. Domino 4.4 introduces several new features, including Durable Workspaces and CodeSync, that support a more productive way for data scientists to work.

The newly imagined data science workbench in Domino 4.4 reduces the amount of manual and mundane work that data science teams must do to manage code and gain access to data to maximize impact on their business. It integrates seamlessly with modern IT stacks to enable data science work to be done within the enterprise. Also, governed and secure access is provided to new and novice users, with guardrails that protect against lost work, unintentional runs, and significant cloud compute bills.

“Data scientists are at their best when they’re laser-focused on the models that help companies solve the world’s most important problems,” said Nick Elprin, co-founder and CEO at Domino Data Lab. “In Domino 4.4, we reimagined the ideal workbench for data scientists to unleash their productivity and let them focus on breakthrough research, not DevOps distractions.”

Komprise Simplifies Global Data Management with Multi-Site Controls

Komprise, a leader in analytics-driven data management as a service, announced Komprise Intelligent Data Management 4.0. The new release enables global enterprise IT organizations and service providers to deliver storage-as-a-service with a consolidated view across all data centers and cloud locations while giving storage managers the ability to manage each site per local requirements and policies. 

“As infrastructure becomes more distributed, visibility can suffer,” said Kumar Goswami, co-founder and CEO of Komprise. “Aside from the cloud, many organizations are geographically dispersed or have security protocols and organizational boundaries that require them to localize where data movement occurs. Komprise brings granular flexibility and control with new multisite data management capabilities.” 

Qumulo and HPE GreenLake Cloud Services to Provide a Pay-As-You-Go File Platform for Unstructured Data

Qumulo, a breakthrough leader in radically simplifying enterprise file data management across hybrid cloud environments, announced an integration with HPE GreenLake Cloud Services to offer customers the Qumulo® File Data Platform delivered as-a-service. This collaboration provides a modern cloud experience with on-premises control to meet the needs of today’s unstructured data demands across industries.

“At Qumulo, we believe in radical simplicity and flexibility for our customers. That’s why we designed our file system to be agnostic so that customers can take full advantage of their data no matter how demanding the workload, and across their choice of cloud or on-premise data centers,” said Ben Gitenstein, Vice President of Product at Qumulo. “By working together with HPE GreenLake, we’re able to offer even more flexibility to customers through variable monthly payments based on metered usage.” 

Zaloni automates data governance and fast tracks data access with the 6.4 platform release

ZaloniTM, a leader in data management and DataOps, announced the 6.4 release of the Zaloni Arena DataOps platform. The latest release adds new features that expedite data discovery and data access requests and improve user productivity through customizable business glossaries and automated workflow triggers. 

“Once customers establish a DataOps foundation, many are looking at ways to continuously improve and optimize their data supply chain,” said Susan Cook, CEO of Zaloni. “Zaloni’s latest release provides new automated governance and data consumption features that deliver trusted data to end users faster than ever before.” 

GE Digital’s Proficy Operations Analytics Software Increases Efficiency with Cloud-Based, Enterprise-Wide Predictive Analytics

GE Digital announced it is adding Proficy Operations Analytics to its industry-leading Proficy suite of software solutions to accelerate digitization by supporting modernization, enterprise visibility and scalability, and continuous improvement with new cloud-based predictive analytics.

Proficy Operations Analytics is a proven self-provisioning, ready-to-deploy SaaS-based predictive operations center for industrial IoT and AI. This cloud analytics solution helps operations, engineering, and executive teams gain data visibility, uncover efficiencies and operational proactive actions at enterprise scale. Within minutes of connecting Proficy Operations Analytics to operational and maintenance data sources, users can achieve visibility to insights that can improve operational and revenue performance.

“GE Digital is uniquely positioned to help industrial companies accelerate AI and ML with a full set of industrial data management and analytics-based solutions that feature a scalable architecture, single pane of glass for visibility, and security and availability on premise and in the cloud,” said Richard Kenedi, General Manager of GE Digital’s Manufacturing and Digital Plant business. “Proficy Operations Analytics puts industrial data to work to empower workers and lead global decision-making frameworks, putting data in context to drive resilient business outcomes that make people, assets, and processes work together efficiently.”

DataRobot 7.1 Introduces Enhancements to Take AI Projects to the Next Level

In its second major release of the year, DataRobot announced several product upgrades to its Augmented Intelligence platform designed to further democratize AI. Building on several enhancements announced at DataRobot’s AI Experience Worldwide last month, these latest additions will enable organizations to drive better business outcomes with AI and further accelerate customers’ time to value.

“We are in constant communication with our customers regarding the challenges they face when deploying AI, and as a result will tailor our updates based on their unique needs,” said Nenshad Bardoliwalla, SVP of Product at DataRobot. “We’re thoroughly committed to creating a platform that empowers every individual—from the most advanced data scientists to the everyday, non-technical business user—to take advantage of AI. By easing the model lifecycle process and cutting down time to value, this latest round of enhancements gives enterprises the tools they need to better build, manage, and see value from their AI projects.”

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