Infographic: The Rise of AI in the Call Center Industry

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With the continuous development of artificial intelligence, it comes as no surprise that the technology is currently being deployed in a wide range of applications in different industries. AI is so commonplace that many of the workplace functions humans usually do are automated and done by AI. One such industry that is harnessing the power of AI is the call center industry.

Because of its capability to understand and interpret questions and give relevant responses, think tanks initially predicted AI to be a bane to the industry. However, call centers have instead leveraged AI to boost performance, improve customer satisfaction, and augment an agent’s information regarding the call.

Artificial intelligence will soon break into the call center industry even more to complement the work of human agents, and its wide potential applications are promising. The infographic below courtesy of our friends over at Executive Boutique will show you some statistics about artificial intelligence and how call centers can integrate AI into their existing business processes.

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