DataOps Dilemma: Survey Reveals Gap in the Data Supply Chain

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The survey associated with this report, “DataOps Dilemma: Survey Reveals Gap in the Data Supply Chain,” commission by Immuta, focused on identifying the limiting factors in the data “supply chain” as it relates to the overall DataOps methodology of the organization. DataOps itself is the more agile and automated application of data management techniques to advance data-driven outcomes, while the data supply chain represents the technological steps and human-involved processes supporting the flow of data through the organization, from its source, through transformation and integration, all the way to the point of consumption or analysis.

In this data supply chain, there are two primary camps of data professionals, with varying titles and responsibilities: data ‘suppliers’ and data ‘consumers.’ By looking at the habits, perspectives and technology usage of these two groups, the survey examines the gaps, points of friction and resource mismatches in the data supply chain.

The findings are clear. As data workflows and processes have become more complex over time – and as organizational demand for data grows – there are clear points of friction in the data supply chain. Chief among them is that data suppliers who have limited resources, skills shortages and little automation are being tasked with delivering a steady stream of relevant data to a growing number of data consumers.

Download this white paper, “DataOps Dilemma: Survey Reveals Gap in the Data Supply Chain” to learn about the several options available for organizations looking to fix the gaps in their data workflows and hone their DataOps strategy.

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