Webinar: How to Build Customer-oriented Applications Using Third-party Data

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Available Live Regional Presentations:

Thursday, October 28th


EMEA – 10:00AM BST | 11:00AM CET

APAC – 11:00AM SGT | 2:00PM AEDT

Organizations across every industry are in need of external data to power deeper engagement with their end users and build customer-centric experiences. By leveraging external data, these organizations can better understand the behaviors and usage patterns of their end users, and design products and services that meet their needs and keep customers at the center of their offerings. Through external data, organizations can optimize user experience with new features and functionalities that are simple, intuitive, and efficient.

Join this webinar to learn how using third-party data enhances applications to better prioritize your target customer. Thought leaders from Foursquare and NextDoor will present real-world examples on leveraging datasets to create a customer-centric strategy and improve business outcomes.

Attendees will learn about:

  • How Nextdoor uses point-of-interest (POI) data to help improve global business data coverage and quality, discovery, verification, and onboarding experiences.
  • How Nextdoor uses POI data to improve lead generation of local businesses and grow page claim rates.
  • How to provide personalized recommendations using Amazon Personalize (this will be a demo from our AWS Solution Architect).
  • How to discover, find, and use third-party data with AWS Data Exchange.

Who Should Attend?

Chief Data Officers, data scientists, business intelligence, and analytics professionals.



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