How Your Brand & Customers Win with Democratized Data & Embedded Analytics

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In this special guest feature, Ashley Fitzgerald, Senior Director, Data Science & Analytics at Appnovation, discusses democratization of data: breaking down silos to make data + insights available to all teams, while creating a single view of the customer. Ashley brings over a decade of data experience, building out analytics teams and creating bespoke analytics solutions for clients. Successfully navigating through highly regulated industries such as Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Manufacturing, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge, having also worked across verticals such as CPG, Financial Services, and Automotive.

The importance of data within organizations has never been greater. Companies struggle to turn vast amounts of data into insights that tell a story and drive action. Often, the majority of time is spent cleaning and collecting data rather than analyzing it for business impact. Keep reading to learn how your brand can drive success and increase your business intelligence (BI) with the smarter use of data through embedded analytics.

Make sure you’re nailing the BI basics 

Before you fully explore the vast capabilities and potential of advanced analytics, you should pause to ensure your data, research and BI fundamentals are operating as they should. Data allows us to find quick solutions for complex problems and is the proverbial map that can guide you through uncertainty. By starting with a thorough analysis across functions, from supply chain to delivery, you can be prepared for what’s happening now and even what’s to come.

Advanced analytic capabilities that power BI is the next step in unlocking insights within your organization and embedding analytics into your products. It gives your teams access to fine-tuned data results that are relevant to them and available wherever they are. As part of a product offering, you can give your customers improved insights from the data within your product and enable other data sources for additional context. Ultimately, it empowers each individual with the right analytics to contribute toward collective business growth. 

Break down silos to deliver insights and inform decisions

It’s important that you bring the right people to the table early and consistently, breaking down any internal silos your organization has in place. It takes the collective expertise of data analytics, tech engineers, and experience designers to bring embedded analytics to life.

With a secure, flexible, and customizable platform, you can deliver insights at scale and enable your decision-makers to take action. Whether you’re a part of the C-suite, a CX leader, a product/service owner, or in operations, data analytics and insights help ground strategy and drive growth.

Democratize your data

In most organizations, only a select few have the entirety of collected data at their fingertips. The ultimate purpose of embedded analytics is to democratize data – making it available to all teams and give each individual the right views and analytics to contribute towards the collective goals of business growth and customer satisfaction. 

Different people need different data elements, broken down to them in easily digestible ways with the immediate insights that help them make more informed decisions. Most dashboards merely surface vast amounts of raw or mildly finessed data – what’s missing is the human lens of experience design to ensure the folks who see the data can act on it with speed and accuracy. 

When data and insights are available to all teams, you’ll create a single view of the customer and deliver more human-centered, consistent experiences – a win for your brand and customers alike.

An embedded analytics platform can democratize your data, unlock insights, and – best of all – deliver it when and where your teams or customers need it most.

Build data visualization with a human-centered approach

Pairing embedded analytics with design thinking methodologies is the best way to unlock insights across your organization.

By bringing together the basic principles of design thinking – strategy, technology, and experience design – you can truly impact business outcomes. It also puts human beings at the heart of your data and platform, and gives your teams the insights they need to take action. How? Design thinking uses psychology and behavioral science to take data analytics and ingrain it in your teams’ day-to-day workflow. 

An embedded analytics platform can pull all the pieces together and help you combine strategy, experience design, insights, and data. It’s the secret ingredient to a robust data strategy that translates to business success.

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