3 Ways AI Can Boost Conversational Intelligence Across Your Enterprise

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Artificial Intelligence can both help and scale human effort in building the conversational intelligence across the enterprise that drives successful business outcomes. In this eBook from Veritone, “3 Ways AI Can Boost Conversational Intelligence Across Your Enterprise,” we will explore three common use cases of AI applied to customer conversations: (i) contact center insights – to drive improved customer interactions and call center efficiencies; (ii) social media insights – to bring stronger brand awareness and competitive advantage; (iii) conversational compliance – to ensure better compliance to company, industry, and government regulation.

Veritone’s Interaction Analytics solutions built on their aiWARE operating system for AI delivers ready-to-deploy AI models and custom-built solutions that address these common use cases, and many more.

With aiWARE, enterprises can rapidly deploy and scale AI within their systems and business processes without requiring expensive AI developers and ML engineers. AI models are ready to deliver business value immediately. Veritone Interaction Analytics specifically focuses on speech, text and vision AI models to analyze customer communications from any channel and produce insightful data about customer interactions, leading to greater customer satisfaction, reduced operating costs, stronger compliance, and more business agility. Veritone’s AI ingests text, transcribes voice calls, and reviews video and images, and applies aiWARE-based models that analyze and extract value from that content, for communication to key stakeholders across the enterprise.

Download this white paper, “3 Ways AI Can Boost Conversational Intelligence Across Your Enterprise” to learn about Veritone aiWARE, the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence. The cognitive operating system for artificial intelligence, Veritone aiWARE orchestrates a diverse ecosystem of hundreds of best-of breed AI models to transform audio, video, text, and other data sources into actionable intelligence.

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