Best Practices in Data Engineering: Brush Up Your Skills and Tidy Your Data with DIY Data

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New Years’ resolutions are still on track this week, right?

Maybe so, maybe not, but there’s a good chance most resolutions are around bettering yourself in some way. Resolution or not, now’s as good a time as any to learn something new or improve your craft.

At Trifacta, our mission is to improve the productivity of anyone who works with data. We focus on solving the biggest problems related to data, making it better and more usable for application in data science and machine learning. A core value at Trifacta is to “start with the user,” which means we want to empower people working with data with an interactive, self-service, and intuitive experience. Maximizing this experience starts with practical demonstrations of the capabilities in data engineering, including connectivity, transformation, profiling, and building data pipelines.

As part of our various initiatives to address this important customer need (and perhaps become a point on your resolution checklist to learn something new), we introduced “DIY Data” – a unique webcast series that presents practical aspects of data engineering through hands-on demonstrations.  The series is all about being hands-on with Trifacta through 30-min byte size live and interactive episodes.

What about keeping things neat and clean in 2022? Our next episode of DIY Data will help you do just that, and is aptly titled “Clean Data, Clean Teeth with Brushing! Transform your messy data with a Trifacta brush.”

As you’ll learn in the DIY Data episode, you aren’t alone in these efforts. With an interactive, intuitive interface, Trifacta assesses your data using an intelligent system that learns about your data using advanced machine learning techniques. Once your data is uploaded, Trifacta observes and automatically provides suggestions for transforming your data to make it usable. Ease of use, speed, and accuracy are the hallmarks of the Trifacta Data Engineering Cloud with transformation techniques such as brushing your data with a simple click.

On February 16, we’ll demonstrate different aspects of data transformation, including extracting values in a query string, splitting values, replacing values, and filtering data based on your criteria. You’ll discover how you can go from messy to clean data with a brush and a click in this episode of fun and learning.

While this is the next chance to catch a new DIY Data, you can binge on the 2021 episodes until then on the DIY Data page or the Trifacta YouTube channel on demand. Previous episodes include incredible guests from companies like Google. And, the demonstrations show how Trifacta enables the modern data stack through data on-boarding, integrating with cloud data warehouses and lakes, and achieving the desired data analytics. Learn how to achieve efficiencies in sales and marketing analytics with Trifacta, master flexible approaches to data architectures including ETL, ELT, and custom coding with Trifacta, and accomplish SQL-based transformations with SQL-based ELT on Snowflake.

Catch the next episode by signing up for free here.

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