New Data Report: How AI-powered Language is Enhancing Customer Engagement

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Our friends over at Persado (the AI content generation and decisioning company) and Coresight Research released a new data report, “AI-Powered Language: A New Era of Enhanced Customer Engagement,” that examines how AI-powered language is fueling enhanced customer engagement.

The report surveyed decision-makers in industries such as retail, manufacturing, and professional services, to highlight the growing importance of AI-enabled marketing technologies to generate engaging content, personalize customer experiences, and improve how businesses leverage first-party data to gain meaningful insights. Here are some key findings from the report:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) will continue to grow in prominence for marketers. NLP is a key AI-driven technology in creative content generation and was cited by survey respondents as one of the top five most significant ways to leverage AI in digital marketing. Additionally, 78.3% of respondents hold AI accountable for creative development and execution—meaning that marketers can track the impact of words and phrases that are being generated via AI.
  • Personalized content remains critical for customer engagement, with more marketers relying on AI to create their offerings. Organizations across multiple industries are experimenting with a combination of AI-driven technologies to generate personalized content for customers. The survey found that 74.5% of respondents agree or strongly agree that using AI helps organizations manage challenges related to offering personalized customer experiences, with more than half of all respondents (53.9%) currently using AI or ML to offer a personalized experience to customers. Only 6.7% do not leverage or plan to leverage these advanced technologies. 
  • A shifting customer privacy landscape necessitates a renewed focus on first-party data. Marketers typically have a high reliance on third-party data, but changes to privacy laws in the United States and the European Union are and will continue to fundamentally change how organizations are able to interact with their customers. The survey found that 78.2% of respondents cited the efficient use of first-party data as very or extremely important for AI in digital marketing, and 86.1% of respondents are already using first-party data for marketing purposes. 
  • Advanced digital marketing technologies will play an increasing role in driving revenue. Organizations are realizing the benefits of using AI to generate creative content and deliver personalization at scale, with 78.2% of respondents citing that advanced technologies in digital marketing are very or extremely important for improving the customer experience.

Click HERE to download the full report.

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