AI Company Launches Versona 1.0 –The Service for Building Virtual Personas for Posthumous Communications

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YOV, Inc (You, Only Virtual), announced that it has launched Versona 1.0—the subscription service that analyzes communications between loved ones for the purpose of posthumous communications. The Los Angeles-based AI startup pioneering in afterlife communications has now made it possible for subscribers worldwide to allow YOV to begin building their virtual persona (Versona).

“Versona 1.0 allows us to launch a virtual persona within months. For many people, this expedited timeframe is critical—allowing loved ones to have existing data developed into a Versona,” states Justin Harrison, the founder and CEO of YOV. “Versona 2.0 (which is in develoment) will include a messaging, text and phone communications platform that makes data collection seamless—and our AI will grow one’s persona over time. However, we have subscribers who don’t have the luxury of time. And YOV technology, via Versona 1.0, can help these families now.”

Harrison knows first-hand how crucial time can be. “For the last six months, I have been recording calls, saving text messages, and uploading photos from my terminally ill Mother. Fortunately, she is still alive, but thanks to our technology, we have the essence of our relationship preserved as a Versona. Knowing that YOV was encapsulating this precious data gave me an incredible sense of peace.” Harrison shares.

YOV Versona subscribers are able to upload voice, video and written communications, and this data is analyzed for the development of one’s virtual persona. The one-time set up fee is for Versona 1.0 is $199.00 and monthly activation for on-going access to a loved one’s virtual persona is only $39.99 a month.

With the launch of Versona 1.0, YOV is the first company to provide consumers with the ability to build and activate a virtual persona. YOV is also ahead of the pack with regards to intellectual property. “We have two fully granted U.S. patents, and a third that’s very close to being granted. Versona 1.0 provides our team with even more opportunities to demonstrate how to do posthumous communications correctly and authentically.” Harrison says.

The buzz in the tech space about YOV’s innovative technology has generated talk regarding large capital investments as well as collaboration—and Harrison states that he is open to the right type of collaboration. “What YOV is doing is important, complicated and transcendent in the field of posthumous communications. We’re willing to collaborate with the right partners to accelerate this work for a global market that’s indicated it’s ready for it,” states Harrison.

YOV’s motto, “You never have to say goodbye,” is one step closer to becoming a reality for families around the world with the launch of Versona 1.0. Harrison is on a mission to eliminate the void left when loved ones pass away, and Versona is like an insurance policy that allows individuals to begin building a Versona, so that they never have to say goodbye.

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