Striim Announces Striim Cloud, the Unified Real-time Data Streaming and Integration SaaS

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Striim, Inc. announced the general availability of Strim Cloud, a fast way for customers to deliver real-time data and insights to power business intelligence and decision-making to meet the needs of the digital economy. Striim Cloud is a fully-managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for real-time streaming data integration and analytics. With a few clicks, customers can easily build real-time data pipelines to stream trillions of events every day, backed by enterprise-grade operational, security and management features. Striim Cloud’s zero-maintenance, infinitely scalable platform enables customers to transform their businesses by adopting new cloud models, digitizing legacy systems, and modernizing their application infrastructure.

“Handling and analyzing large-scale data for real-time decision-making and operations is an ongoing challenge for every enterprise; one that is only going to become more challenging as more data sources come online,” said Ali Kutay, founder and CEO of Striim, Inc. “These challenges are driving ‘digital transformation.’ Striim Cloud is a powerful, cloud-based, SaaS platform that gives enterprises worldwide an invaluable advantage in reaching this goal.“

With recent shifts in the global economy and a more distributed workforce, operations across myriad industries (retail, manufacturing, logistics/supply chain, healthcare) are forced to become more responsive and reliable. These shifts create an immense demand for access to real-time data. With real-time data, operations leaders can use analytics to assess both demand and cost-to-serve, and make informed decisions. Additionally, the customer experience must be personalized and differentiated to be relevant and competitive in today’s digital economy.  

Legacy ETL solutions were not designed for modern, agile business needs. The common “batch” model of data integration cannot support real-time applications related to a modern customer experience, business intelligence, decision-making, real-time operations, and more. Data and analytics inform customer strategies and tactics across the entire organization, but in order to be effective, customers need real-time systems to ingest, process, query and analyze data to deliver insights and enable decisions in real-time. 

Striim Cloud is the only solution that delivers the real-time autonomous data pipelines that enable enterprises of all sizes, from FORTUNE 50 giants to startups, to seamlessly evolve their legacy application architectures to modern, cloud-native architectures with minimum disruption. The platform uses change data capture (CDC) to detect source database changes, removing the impact on other operations and maintaining the most up-to-date data possible. Customers can continuously query, enrich and run analysis on a live data stream in-transit rather than query the data after it has reached the target database or data warehouse, making it possible to build applications on the pipeline and expand data capabilities without impacting performance. 

Striim Cloud delivers multiple capabilities for digital transformation to the enterprise:

  • Striim Cloud delivers instant access to what’s happening right now across multiple applications: With real-time streaming data, IT can instantly know what’s happening from customer behavior, to marketing campaigns, to supply-chain operations, and more. Striim Cloud’s real-time streaming model is inherently superior to legacy ETL batch methods. 
  • Striim Cloud delivers the simplicity, elasticity and scalability of the cloud:  Customers have a unified view of all data pipelines. They can add new pipelines or modify existing pipelines, while Striim does the heavy-lifting in the background to support them. Striim Cloud supports cloud-native services and integrations. This foundation enables enterprises to adapt to changing market requirements at will.
  • Striim Cloud Enterprise super-charges enterprise innovation: Building applications based on real-time data gives enterprises a competitive edge. Striim Cloud makes it easy to innovate on applications leveraging data for new uses.

Striim Cloud seamlessly integrates data into platforms such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Google Big Query, and Snowflake. By doing so, Striim Cloud enables businesses to power business intelligence and decision-making to meet the needs of the digital economy while delivering an unbeatable, data-driven customer experience.

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