The Powerful Combination of Cloud Data Engineering and Analytics Automation

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The future is in the cloud.

We’ve heard it, we’ve seen it in action, and it continues to be a key theme and trend. The gravity of data is moving to the cloud, with enterprises adopting cloud data warehouses or lakes to manage increasingly massive data sets, as well as looking for analytics solutions that are cloud-enabled. 

However, unlocking the value from their data – whether it is in the cloud or on premises – remains out of reach to many. According to an Alteryx-commissioned survey by YouGov, only 12% of workers reported having the benefit of driving business-changing outcomes through self-service analytics. 

And those business-changing outcomes are becoming more critical as companies of all sizes and industries embrace machine learning and analytics. For a decade, people have been told to be more “data driven.” This can create frustration when only certain job titles can access the data, ensure data quality, or work with data in a meaningful way. More people with varied job functions need to be able to prepare, profile and pipeline data in a low code/no code manner, while also being able to collaborate with their colleagues who are adept at coding. Cloud-based tools make this increasingly more available.

Collaboration scales the ability to use data in an effective way. Today, business users’ appetite for timely insights from large cloud datasets to fuel their digital transformation efforts is at an all-time high, thus driving the need for scalable, secure solutions to access and automate data analysis.

And just to add a few more statistics around the size of this situation: approximately 62.4 billion data and analytic work hours are lost annually worldwide – the equivalent to almost 100,000 human lifetimes (according to an Alteryx-commissioned survey by IDC released in February). 

Enter: Alteryx and Trifacta. Earlier this year, Alteryx, the analytics automation company, acquired Trifacta, known for the Data Engineering Cloud. Together, we are seeking to meet the analytics needs of our customers. We are now uniquely positioned to help our customers drive their analytics transformation at scale by combining Trifacta’s game-changing integrations and cloud-native capabilities with Alteryx’s industry-leading analytics solution.

We’ll also be able to accelerate the development of an integrated end-to-end, low code/no code analytics automation platform in the cloud. This will enable the democratization of data engineering and analytics throughout the entire business. This acquisition will anchor and accelerate Alteryx’s journey to the cloud and open new categories of users across IT within large enterprises. 

We’re accelerating the next phase of our cloud growth so that we can meet enterprises where they need to be and make it easier for them to solve business problems. Analytics is no longer optional, and it does not have to be complex. With 100,000 lifetimes wasted annually on analytics inefficiency, the time for a paradigm shift is now. We’re democratizing analytics by empowering organizations to upskill every worker into a data worker. 

It’s easy to get started with a free trial of Trifacta:

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