10 Must-Have Capabilities of an Enterprise AI Platform

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Data-driven organizations use AI and ML, either natively within applications or infused into applications, to obtain better insights into the content that drives their business and automate content-centric processes for greater efficiency. But the proliferation of AI projects, ML models, APIs, and data sets to enable these processes present serious challenges that stand in the way of successful AI and ML deployments.

An Enterprise AI platform solves these challenges by unifying AI models, model orchestration, data processing, storage, workflow, integration, and monitoring under a single platform approach. This type of platform helps organizations build applications that drive enterprise-wide data insights and intelligent process automation to digitally transform the enterprise.

With the ten must-have capabilities of an Enterprise AI platform outlined in this white paper, “10 Must-Have Capabilities of an Enterprise AI Platform,” from Veritone, organizations can position themselves for rapid adoption of AI and ML at scale without requiring custom “from-scratch” model development, extensive AI expertise, or single-model dependency.

Download this white paper, “10 Must-Have Capabilities of an Enterprise AI Platform Your Enterprise” to learn about Veritone aiWARE, the Enterprise AI platform that delivers an insight-packed data lake from audio, video, images, text, and other hard-to-reach data sources, transforming them into actionable intelligence at scale.

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