Synthetic Behavioral Data for Analytics

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Despite the immense growth in volume over recent years, the wealth of captured behavioral data still remains vastly an untapped opportunity. And over and over again, we can identify two key obstacles for organizations to seize the arising opportunity: (i) behavioral data is sequential, and thus complex to model and analyze, and (ii) behavioral data is privacy-sensitive and particularly difficult to anonymize, thus it tends to be locked up.

In this compelling white paper, “Synthetic Behavioral Data for Analytics,” MOSTLY AI makes the case for Synthetic Behavioral Data. MOSTLY AI is the leading synthetic data company globally. Its platform enables enterprises across industries to unlock, share, fix and simulate data.

As it turns out, these two obstacles are reinforcing each other. Without safe data sharing, you can’t champion data literacy. Without data literacy, you won’t see a growing demand for behavioral data. Synthetic data to the rescue! However, not all synthetic data is created equal: There are solutions for hand-crafted, rule-based, and model-based synthetic data on the market.

Download this white paper, “Synthetic Behavioral Data for Analytics” to learn about how MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data look and feel just like real data, are able to retain the valuable, granular-level information, yet guarantee that no individual is ever getting exposed.

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