Introducing Innodata’s New AI Data Marketplace

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Innodata is excited to announce its new Innodata AI Data Marketplace – an e-commerce portal where users can purchase on-demand datasets to accelerate AI/ML model building and training. With easy access to curated, industry-leading datasets, data science teams can now overcome persistent data challenges that often hamper AI initiatives, such as volume, variety, and privacy constraints. 

The marketplace currently features synthetic document datasets, including invoices, POs, bank statements, and more, offered in several languages – all developed by our proprietary AI technology and in-house experts. Innodata plans to expand offerings to feature both synthetic and real-world speech, image, and video datasets. 

The AI Data Marketplace joins Innodata’s collection of resources designed to simplify the AI training process. With no barriers to begin, pair the AI Data Marketplace’s ingestion-ready datasets with Innodata’s Annotation Platform to jumpstart model training with ease. Sign up for a free 30-day trial of the Annotation Platform today.  

Visit the Innodata AI Data Marketplace to learn more and begin downloading the diverse, high-quality datasets needed to build and train next-generation AI.

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