Unstruk Data: Empowering Enterprises to Transform Unstructured Data Files into Actionable Intelligence about Real-world Assets and Locations

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As companies continue to accumulate massive volumes of unstructured data, organizations globally are faced with the challenge of putting it to use. While most companies have a command of their structured data that fits neatly into traditional databases, unstructured data is not one-size fits all. As a result, business critical information about real-world, tangible objects found in images, video, audio and other non-traditional file formats often remains underutilized throughout an organization.

Until now, ingesting, organizing, and contextualizing knowledge from unstructured files has been a complex, expensive, and highly custom process. Unstruk Data changes all of this by taking a platform approach to managing and applying unstructured data. The latest version of Unstruk’s flagship product is the first commercially available DataOps platform built to generate intelligence about real-world assets and locations, so that it can be utilized to automate processes, inform business decisions or integrate into other critical workflow systems.

The Unstruk Data Platform is purpose-built to cost-effectively simplify the process of transforming an organization’s unstructured data files into actionable intelligence. The data platform is powered by a plug-and-play ML (machine learning) engine which enables rich automation without the need for coding or running manual operations. Unstruk’s modern architecture ensures speed to insight through an enterprise knowledge graph that enables data preparation, data visualization, and data discovery across all file formats. Data is easily mapped to existing enterprise systems, helping users to correlate insights from structured and unstructured data and effectively automate manual processes.

“There is no SaaS service for the unstructured data pipeline,” commented Kirk Marple, Founder, CEO of Unstruk Data. “We are taking a unique approach that combines the power of AI analytics and a cloud-based enterprise knowledge graph with a highly focused product strategy that provides DataOps with no-code Machine Learning integrations and process automation to the enterprise marketplace.” 

Strengthened by four pillars: File Ingest, Data Enrichment, Process Automation, and Seamless Integration, Unstruk offers a complete platform designed to solve real-world business problems, regardless of industry. The platform can ingest any type of media file and uses automation to add bespoke data enrichment, so businesses can easily discover and monitor the real-world objects that matter most. With a focus on automated data management, Unstruk provides services like data versioning and lineage tracking, as well as duplicate detection, alerting and data consistency validation. Additionally, it allows enterprises to enrich their existing data through external data sources, APIs, machine learning models, and 3rd party data sources to integrate into existing systems and processes.

For industries and solution providers that utilize geospatial imagery for parts, or all, of their business, Unstruk can help unlock insights from historical files, automate manual inspection processes, prepare data for machine learning and correlate data that was once siloed.  With the majority of business information housed in unstructured formats, the Unstruk Platform helps organizations stay ahead of the next data transformation, ensuring they can leverage, operationalize and maximize the growing amounts of critical knowledge locked in their unstructured data.

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