insideBIGDATA Latest News – 6/14/2022

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In this regular column, we’ll bring you all the latest industry news centered around our main topics of focus: big data, data science, machine learning, AI, and deep learning. Our industry is constantly accelerating with new products and services being announced everyday. Fortunately, we’re in close touch with vendors from this vast ecosystem, so we’re in a unique position to inform you about all that’s new and exciting. Our massive industry database is growing all the time so stay tuned for the latest news items describing technology that may make you and your organization more competitive.

Iterative Introduces First Machine Learning Experiment Tracking Extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Iterative, the MLOps company dedicated to streamlining the workflow of data scientists and machine learning (ML) engineers, announced a free extension to Visual Studio Code (VS Code), a source-code editor made by Microsoft, for experiment tracking and machine learning model development. VS Code is a coding editor that helps users to start coding quickly in any programming language. The DVC Extension for Visual Studio Code allows users of all technical backgrounds to create, compare, visualize, and reproduce machine learning experiments. Through Git and Iterative’s DVC, the extension makes experiments easily reproducible, unlike traditional experiment tracking tools that just stream metrics.

“This is an open source VS Code extension for machine learning practitioners looking to accelerate their model development experience,” said Ivan Shcheklein, co-founder and CTO of Iterative. “It simplifies data scientists’ machine learning model development workflows and meets ML modelers where they work. This extension eliminates the need for costly SaaS solutions for experiment tracking, turning VS Code into a native ML experimentation tool, built for developers.”

Koverse, an SAIC Company, Introduces Industry’s Only Zero Trust Data Platform

Koverse, Inc., an SAIC company, announced availability of Koverse Data Platform (KDP) 4.0, a security-first data platform that introduces attribute-based access controls (ABAC) to enforce Zero Trust for data, allowing customers to safely work with complex and sensitive information to power the most demanding analytics, data science, and AI use cases. KDP 4.0 creates an incredibly flexible, unified security model across data at the dataset and record level, increasing the value and utilization of all data within an organization, particularly of mixed sensitivities, by delivering fine-grained control to ensure authorized use.

“We know the challenges that security-conscious government organizations and highly regulated industries struggle with when using complex and sensitive data,” said Jon Matsuo, President and CEO of Koverse. “We understand that often the most sensitive data is the most valuable, yet security and privacy create barriers to use. To that end, we created a platform that enables organizations to use data safely, with security top of mind, for critical mission agility.”

Aerospike Announces Aerospike SQL Powered by Starburst

Aerospike, Inc, the real-time data platform leader, announced Aerospike SQL Powered by Starburst. The new solution enables customers to run massively parallel, complex SQL queries on petabyte-scale data stored in the Aerospike Real-time Data Platform. A hardened solution built on top of the popular and low-cost open-source Trino platform, the Aerospike SQL Powered by Starburst solution gives data analysts and data scientists a single point of access to federated data using existing SQL analytic tools such as Tableau, Qlik, Power BI and others. As companies ingest increasingly larger volumes of data from a growing number of sources, they struggle to develop timely insights in real-time.  Aerospike SQL Powered by Starburst enables the global population of SQL developers and analysts to dramatically reduce the time to insight on large volumes of real-time data and drive faster decisions for better business outcomes. 

“Today’s modern data-mesh architecture must support a growing amount of real-time data ingested at the edge and stored at the core,” said Subbu Iyer, CEO of Aerospike. “We are happy to partner with Starbust to bring to market a high scale, high-performance SQL solution that enables data analysts and data scientists, to run massively parallel complex queries on data across Aerospike clusters distributed anywhere.”

Metrika Introduces Web3’s Only Operational Intelligence Platform Providing End-to-End Monitoring and Analytics for Blockchains

Metrika, s leader in operational intelligence for blockchain networks, announced the Metrika Platform, the industry’s only monitoring and analytics platform providing Web3 communities with end-to-end visibility and actionable insights into the health of blockchain networks. This platform provides a critical operational layer that builds trust and transparency and assures the high levels of performance and reliability needed to drive mainstream adoption.

“While blockchain applications slowly try to find their way into mainstream industries such as financial services, gaming and retail, network reliability and performance are proving to be a serious obstacle for Web3 to scale. Currently, when a network experiences issues there is a sense of chaos: What’s happening? Is it the network? Is it the node? Is it the application? Those are the questions that surface when a situation escalates. The communities’ default procedure is to then jump on Twitter or Discord and figure out what to do next. Metrika is changing that,” said Nikos Andrikogiannopoulos, Chief Executive Officer of Metrika.

LeadingReach Introduces Analytics Tool to Help Healthcare Organizations Turn Data Into Actionable Insights for Improved Care Delivery

LeadingReach, Healthcare’s Connected Network, announced LeadingReach Analytics, a data visualization tool that unlocks a new set of key care coordination throughput metrics for value based organizations, specialty practices, ancillary services and health systems. LeadingReach Analytics provides organizations real-time visibility into network utilization data resulting in the ability to analyze referral trends, establish benchmarking standards, and deliver practice-specific specialty provider scorecards.

“We’re excited to empower healthcare organizations with meaningful and impactful data that provides insights and accountability to address delays in care and coordination inefficiencies that need to be addressed,” said Curtis Gattis, CEO and co-founder of LeadingReach. “Now more than ever, both fee-for-service and value-based care providers understand the importance of leveraging technology to enhance patient experience, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency.”

ActiveCampaign Launches No-Code Data Model Solution for Businesses to Unify and Take Action on Their Data

ActiveCampaign, a leader in Customer Experience Automation (CXA), announced that customers will now be able to build their own custom objects directly within the app, no coding required. This new functionality lets users extend contacts, accounts and deals with their own data without needing to go through the API or pull in developer expertise. Custom objects help businesses build powerful workflows that create dynamic, automated experiences based on any set of the unique data they use to run their business. Now, customers can more easily model data to their unique business needs and take action on it through automations, email personalization, lead generation forms, reporting and more.

“At ActiveCampaign, we know that data is at the heart of every growing business. Companies of all sizes use this information to make decisions, streamline operations and develop winning ideas that accelerate their growth,” said Jason VandeBoom, founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign. “That’s why out of all the momentum at the company this quarter, a highlight is making custom objects available to our customers in app without needing API or developer knowledge. We know organizing and taking action on information about customers, prospects and sales leads is what powers every area of our customers’ businesses. We are thrilled to make this accessible.”

Findability Sciences Launches ERP-Max, an AI Micro Product to Helps Enterprises Maximize ERP Data

Findability Sciences, a global provider of enterprise AI solutions, announced the launch of ERP-Max, a cost-effective add-on AI micro-product for ERP systems. ERP-Max by Findability Sciences is a configurable and customizable AI toolkit, allowing enterprises to have access to actionable leading indicators such as forecasting, prediction, and propensity modeling, effectively unlocking the data in ERP systems to deliver faster ROI. 

“ERP-Max has an accuracy rate of over 95% forecasted predictions and is a cost-effective game-changer for the global ERP market which is touted to be over $32Bn1 by the turn of next year. We believe that our solution will soon emerge to be indispensable to businesses that use ERP systems,” says Anand Mahurkar, Founder and CEO of Findability Sciences.

Striim pushes the boundaries of performance and scale with Striim Platform 4.1

Striim, Inc. announced Striim Platform 4.1, the latest version of its unified real-time data integration and streaming platform. This new release builds on Striim’s industry-leading capabilities by increasing the number of sources and targets that customers can read from and write to using Striim’s built-in adapters, with over 125 sources and targets now supported, including data ingestion using change streams from Azure Cosmos DB and delivery into Databricks Delta Lake. Striim Platform 4.1 offers significant enhancements for customers to stream and integrate data at scale by making it easier to manage hundreds of data pipelines running across a Striim cluster. Customers can power their high-performance applications by reading multi-terabytes of data per day using OJet, a new, high-performance Oracle Change Data Capture (CDC) reader. Striim also supports emerging workload patterns and collaboration among developers and database administrators by sending real-time alerts and notifications to their Slack channels.

“Striim is the only solution that delivers unified real-time data integration and SQL-driven data streaming to enable end-to-end smart data pipelines for digital transformation,” said Alok Pareek, Executive Vice President of Products and Engineering at Striim. “We’re bringing more to our customers: more performance and more scale so that they can continuously expand their data platforms to discover new meaning and relationships in their data to accelerate innovation.”  

Astronomer Announces Astro, A Data Orchestration Platform Powered By Apache Airflow, on AWS and Google Cloud

Astronomer announced the release of Astro, a modern data orchestration platform powered by Apache® Airflow™, on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, with Microsoft Azure support slated for this summer. The platform improves the open-source Airflow experience to help teams make sense of their data ecosystem, build faster, and reduce their operational management and risk. 

“Data engineers have one of the hardest jobs in a company, as the demand for timely, trusted data only increases each day,” said Joe Otto, Astronomer CEO. “As the commercial steward of the Apache Airflow project for more than four years, we’ve seen thousands of Airflow environments and deeply understand the challenges that teams face when integrating and managing data at scale. We have taken those learnings to build Astro, a product that is as easy to use as it is to get started.” 

InRule Technology® Democratizes Machine Learning by Enhancing Platform with AutoML Capabilities

InRule Technology®, an intelligence automation company providing integrated decisioning, explainable AI and digital process automation software to the enterprise, announced the addition of AutoML within xAI Workbench, the company’s suite of machine learning modeling engines. For organizations seeking to empower non-data science staff to build machine learning models, the code-free AutoML workflows within xAI Workbench make building and deploying highly performant machine learning models fast, safe and accessible. Incorporating AutoML (automated machine learning) into xAI Workbench allows enterprises to scale the use of machine learning throughout the organization with confidence. By providing a guided, no-code model-building process, AutoML helps users solve machine learning challenges faster, using fewer resources, while reducing the risk of human error and increasing the accuracy of predictions.

AutoML workflows empower citizen data scientists, including business analysts and other subject matter experts, to create, train and deploy powerful machine learning models. For data scientists, AutoML streamlines the model creation process. Additionally, AutoML provides data scientists with automation and reusability that allows quick delivery of prototypes and iterative improvements using model explainability that reveals areas of model weakness. Optimizing these processes frees up bandwidth to focus on more specialized research and projects.

“For organizations seeking to empower non-data science staff to build machine learning models, the code-free AutoML workflows within xAI Workbench make building and deploying highly performant machine learning models fast, safe and accessible,” said David Jakopac, Ph.D., vice president, Engineering and Data Science, InRule Technology. “By extending the power of machine learning beyond data scientists and developers, xAI Workbench AutoML furthers InRule Technology’s vision of making automation accessible across the enterprise.”

Yellowbrick Announces Latest Version of its Cloud Data Warehouse Platform

Yellowbrick Data, a leader in Distributed Data Cloud architecture for data warehousing, announced availability of the latest release of its cloud data warehouse. Yellowbrick’s cloud-native elastic data warehouse scales with growing organizational data needs and has a unique pricing structure with predictable costs, which addresses the concern of spiraling costs.

“During the transition to cloud, companies are finding themselves managing a complex set of incompatible data management and analytics solutions spanning the public cloud and their on-premises data centers,” said Mark Cusack, Chief Technology Officer at Yellowbrick, “Yellowbrick’s modern, elastic data warehouse helps organizations remove complexity by providing the same performance, functionality, and unified user experience in their own data center, in public clouds, and in a hybrid combination of both.”

DryvIQ Unveils Solutions for Migrating and Governing Unstructured Data at Scale

DryvIQ, a leading enterprise data management (EDM) provider, announced the availability of its latest Migration and Governance solutions that enable organizations to intelligently understand and protect enterprise content. DryvIQ is innovating the way businesses identify and manage vulnerabilities within their unstructured data by providing a platform that enforces security controls, supports compliance requirements, and mitigates corporate and financial risk. DryvIQ leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable organizations to gain deep insights by accurately classifying content, no matter where it’s located. Configurable automation rules intelligently enforce policies and compliance while eliminating manual user intervention and errors. 

“Enterprises have massive volumes of unstructured data, and many of them struggle to safely move, manage, and protect it. It’s a significant problem that’s not going away,” says Sean Nathaniel, president of DryvIQ. “The DryvIQ platform continually safeguards enterprise content and reduces corporate risk by enabling organizations to seamlessly migrate and govern unstructured data across all content systems. The result is an ideal content residency environment in which enterprises can ensure the right data resides in the right place, with the right access controls, which ensures increased security and supports compliance while also reducing costs.”

DDN Accelerates Enterprise Digital Transformation with Powerful AI Reference Architectures and Tight AI Ecosystem Integration

DDN®, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and multicloud data management solutions, announced the DDN AI Data Hub, which improves AI success through integration with companies such as Run:ai and published reference architectures with companies such as Graphcore and Habana, an Intel Company. The DDN AI Data Hub is part of DDN’s continued initiative to simplify AI-driven digital transformation projects for enterprises.

“DDN empowers organizations leveraging AI to dramatically enhance business value and insight, by merging computing, analytics and networks into a unified AI-enabled IT infrastructure,” said Dr. James Coomer, SVP for Products at DDN. “With DDN A3I enablement, platforms like Run:ai and compute systems based on Graphcore and Habana Labs become true enablers of value-add digital transformation.”

DataGrail Launches API & Agent to Automate DSR Fulfillment Across All Internal Data Systems

DataGrail, a leading data privacy platform, announced that it is enhancing its DSR automation capabilities to internal data systems such as custom databases, data warehouses, unstructured data stores, and internally built apps. DataGrail already fully integrates with 1300+ third-party SaaS applications, and the new API + agent allows companies to access, delete or anonymize data that lives in any other internal data system, from custom databases to internally built applications. The addition of the internal systems Integrations agent + API means that DataGrail offers the most automated and complete Data Subject Request Management tool available today.

“Completing even a single DSR is an incredibly labor intensive process, and companies with the best intentions for upholding data privacy have not been able to figure out how to fully remove customer data from the intricate web of internal systems. This is a massive problem as more and more consumers seek control over how their personal information is retained and used,” said Daniel Barber, CEO and founder of DataGrail. “With our new API + agent, it doesn’t matter how complex a system is or how many SaaS applications are interwoven; DataGrail can automate DSR fulfillment.”

Open-Source Data Discovery and Observability Platform Introduces New Entities for More Efficient Handling of Metadata

Provectus, a Silicon Valley artificial intelligence (AI) consultancy, announced the release of its First Open-Source Data Discovery (ODD) and Observability Platform v0.5. The release comes with crucial updates of entities for handling and managing metadata, and enhancements to the platform’s performance, stability, and usability. The ODD Platform is an open-source data discovery and observability tool for data-driven enterprises that are looking to democratize their data. Designed to overcome the limitations of conventional data catalogs, ODD helps standardize data collection, improves compatibility of different catalogs, expands data lineage capabilities, and enhances data quality and observability.

“Today, data scientists and data and ML engineers expend too many resources on the discovery and validation of datasets,” says German Osin, Chief Product Owner of the ODD Platform. “Our vision for Open Data Discovery Platform is simple: we want to build an open-source, open-standard solution for solving most data problems, to lower the costs of building and maintaining data products for enterprises of all sizes.”

Incorta Announces Native Delta Sharing Integration and New Data Apps

Incorta, the platform for real-time operational analytics on raw business data, announced new capabilities and enhancements, including Delta Sharing compatibility and several new data apps. With these latest updates, Incorta is making it even faster and easier for customers to get operational data from source systems and make it ready for business analysis. The newly released data apps offer prebuilt business schemas and dashboards for Oracle EBS, Oracle ERP and EPM Clouds, NetSuite, SAP, and others. The Delta Sharing upgrade is a native integration that enables Incorta customers to quickly and easily share operational data across a wide variety of data platforms and solutions. The updates are now live and available to all customers. 

“The cloud is bringing an entirely new level of openness and interoperability to data analytics, and that is creating so much innovation across the entire ecosystem,” said Osama Elkady, Incorta co-founder and CTO. “Delta Sharing is a huge enabler of this trend and we are excited to see all of the ways Incorta customers will leverage it for operational analytics.”

TigerGraph ML Workbench Delivers Deep Learning and Graph Neural Network Frameworks for Rapid, Accurate ML and AI Modeling

TigerGraph, provider of a leading graph analytics platform, announced the TigerGraph ML (Machine Learning) Workbench — a powerful toolkit that enables data scientists to significantly improve ML model accuracy, shorten development cycles, and deliver more value to the business, while using familiar tools, workflows, and libraries in a single environment that easily plugs into existing data pipelines and ML infrastructure.

“Graph has proven to accelerate and improve ML learning and performance, but the learning curve to use the APIs and libraries to make that happen has proven very steep for many data scientists,” said Victor Lee, vice president of machine learning and AI at TigerGraph. “So we created ML Workbench to provide a new functional layer between the data scientists and the graph machine learning APIs and libraries to facilitate data storage and management, data preparation, and ML training. In fact, we have seen early adopters gaining a 10 to 50% increase in the accuracy of their ML models as a result of using ML Workbench and TigerGraph.”

Equalum Expands Modern Data Integration and Support for Google Cloud Platform’s Big Query, Google Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL

Equalum, a best-in-class provider of data integration and ingestion solutions, today announced expanded modern data integration support and a next-gen design solution for optimal data loading to GCP’s Big Query, Google Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, as well as other cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and AWS. With multi-cloud interoperability, Equalum’s flexible, cloud-enabled platform helps users avoid the pitfalls of single vendor lock in for cloud-first strategies – all from a no-code UI. As a result, customers can now quickly leverage the power of GCP, MS Azure and AWS clouds as required.

“Equalum’s flexible, scalable and comprehensive design has been a big selling point for our customers and our growing partner ecosystem,” said Guy Eilon, CEO of Equalum. “With the drive to optimize cloud compute and storage strategies, Equalum is uniquely positioned as a key enabler of success.”

Informatica Launches Free Data Loader for Google BigQuery to Radically Accelerate Data Ingestion to Intelligence in Minutes 

Informatica, the enterprise cloud data management leader announced the launch of a new, free cloud service, Informatica Data Loader for Google BigQuery, the industry’s first, no cost, zero-code, zero-devops, zero infrastructure required cloud data management SaaS offering that will help departmental users across the organization to move from data to insights in minutes, as opposed to weeks. With Informatica’s Data Loader, companies can ingest data from multiple source connectors to their Google BigQuery cloud data warehouse, greatly accelerating their time from data ingestion to intelligence to drive business transformation. The Data Loader can be accessed directly from the Google BigQuery console, providing access to all Google Cloud customers in a matter of clicks. 

“Expanding our strategic partnership with Google Cloud, beyond enterprise cloud data management to offer fast, free data loading to all Google customers represents a new chapter in our partnership and brings the power of IDMC to everyone,” said Jitesh Ghai, Chief Product Officer. “With the launch of Informatica’s Data Loader for Google BigQuery, we are enabling every organization to put the power of their data in the hands of business users so they can move from data ingestion to insights at a speed never before possible.” 

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