Video Highlights: The Rise of DeBERTa for NLP Downstream Tasks

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In episode seven of the NVIDIA Grandmaster Series, you’ll learn from four members of the Kaggle Grandmasters of NVIDIA (KGMON) team. Watch this video to learn how they used natural language processing to analyze argumentative writing elements from students and identified key phrases in patient notes from medical licensing exams.

About the presenters

Chris Deotte, senior data scientist at NVIDIA. Chris has a Ph.D. in computational science and mathematics with a thesis on optimizing parallel processing. Chris is a 4x Kaggle grandmaster.

Dr. Christof Henkel, a Ph.D. in mathematics with a focus on probability theory and stochastic processes and is a senior deep learning scientist at NVIDIA. He is a 3x Kaggle grandmaster.

Jean-Francois Puget, holds a Ph.D. in machine learning and has published over 70 scientific papers in peer-reviewed conferences and journals. He is a 2x Kaggle grandmaster.

Ahmet Erdem is currently a Senior Data Scientist at NVIDIA with a background in Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

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