Video Highlights: JuliaHub – The Best Way to Run Large Scale Computing in the Cloud

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JuliaHub helps you read, write, run and share Julia code and applications. JuliaHub is the quickest, easiest on-ramp to leverage Julia – the fastest, easiest, and most powerful scientific, mathematical, and statistical computation language yet.

JuliaHub empowers scientists, engineers, and innovators with all the high-performance computing power they need to realize path-breaking ideas at any scale they want. Virtually turning laptops into supercomputers, JuliaHub keeps organizations asset-light, delivering speed, agility, and frictionless performance. JuliaHub delivers effortless parallel computing without infrastructure hurdles and provides a secure platform with enterprise support.

Most importantly, JuliaHub allows the user to develop applications with a browser-based IDE, collaborate with ease, and perform large computational tasks in the cloud. Cost projections are straightforward, transparent, and available immediately – before the project even begins. Submitting a job is very simple and intuitive thanks to the clear interface, which also offers a dedicated space and tools for uploading and manipulating large datasets.

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