The Future of Unstructured Data Processing

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In this 2022 industry report, “The Future of Unstructured Data Processing” sponsored by Veritone, we take a look at how the emergence of AI-enabled UDP technology enables organizations of all types and sizes to transform “dark” data into powerful strategic assets.

Using a wide variety of machine learning techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), video analytics, computer vision, speech and voice recognition technology, UDP solutions acquire, analyze, and act on unstructured data much like a human would. This not only allows organizations to automate content ingestion, but also access a treasure trove of decision intelligence.

Download this white paper, “The Future of Unstructured Data Processing” to learn about Veritone aiWARE, the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence. Organizations are data rich and intelligence poor, burdened by many types of unintelligible, unusable datasets. Veritone uses artificial intelligence to help companies find the needle in the data haystack.

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