Bright Data 2022 Impact Report Highlights Progress Across ESG Initiatives and Growth of The Bright Initiative

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Bright Data, a leading web data platform, released its latest impact report in which it highlights the growth of its social responsibility, environmental, educational and compliance initiatives so far in 2022. The report also demonstrates the progress made by The Bright Initiative as it continues to expand its work with organizations, academic institutions, NPOs, NGOs and other public bodies around the world to provide web data for good causes.

The Bright Initiative by Bright Data, a pro bono program focused on using public web data to drive global change, has expanded in 2022 and includes partnerships with over 600 organizations around the world. In 2022, key highlights for the Initiative include various new partnerships, such as:

  • The Marconi Society – the Initiative supports its work in identifying and addressing the growing challenge of U.S. broadband coverage and speed of internet service.
  • Women in Data – the UK’s largest women’s data professional network – the Initiative co-hosted a summit exploring how data can be used to make society safer for women. Following this, both the Initiative and Women in Data are committed to sharing their technical expertise and engineering time to develop innovative new tools that can apply web data to enhance women’s safety.
  • Startup accelerator Subak – the Initiative provides Subak’s member organizations with direct access to Bright Data’s technology, know-how, support, and expertise. This allows a wide range of organizations tackling climate change in varied ways to make use of large amounts of relevant, structured, and publicly available data drawn from the web.

The report also highlights Bright Data’s major advancements recently made in the compliance and ethics space including the appointment of Rony Shalit as VP of Compliance & Ethics who brings a wealth of experience into the role.

The full 2022 impact report reviews Bright Data’s progress and highlights the steps it is continuing to make to create a better environment for its employees, customers, ESG initiatives and to support global “for good” campaigns through data. The full report can be accessed HERE.

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