How AI Can Prevent Rising Candidate Fraud

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Candidates are lying and cheating to get hired more than ever. INSIDER recently cited a study, “The Future of Candidate Evaluation,” by our friends over at Glider AI that found candidate fraud has nearly doubled since before the pandemic. As INSIDER reported, more companies believe AI is the solution. Here are a few compelling stats:

Candidate Fraud Statistics

  • 92% increase in candidate fraud since the pandemic
  • 52% of executives believe AI fraud detection is a best practice for hiring and preventing the leading methods of cheating. One staffing firm noted a 150% increase in successful hires after incorporating AI.
  • 21% of candidates cheated despite knowing they were being monitored
  • Candidate assessment technology will increase 1.7% in two years

Remote hiring has made it easier than ever for candidates to cheat and the labor shortage is increasing opportunities for fraud.

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