insideBIGDATA Latest News – 8/10/2022

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In this regular column, we’ll bring you all the latest industry news centered around our main topics of focus: big data, data science, machine learning, AI, and deep learning. Our industry is constantly accelerating with new products and services being announced everyday. Fortunately, we’re in close touch with vendors from this vast ecosystem, so we’re in a unique position to inform you about all that’s new and exciting. Our massive industry database is growing all the time so stay tuned for the latest news items describing technology that may make you and your organization more competitive.

Spitch Announces New Release of Omnichannel Conversational AI Platform, a leader in conversational AI solutions, announced updates to the company’s Omnichannel conversational AI platform, including new features that surpass the capabilities of competitive solutions. The latest version of the Knowledge Base (KB) has been updated to offer seamless integration with the company’s Virtual Assistant technology. Additionally,’s Speech Analytics (SA) now include advanced reporting and business intelligence tools with clear and intuitive user interfaces, enabling users to customize and build report templates using a low code/no code approach. Other updates include multi-party conversation support for Speech Analytics for use during conference calls and calls transferred between agents in contact centers. In addition to sentiment scoring, diarization, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and summarization features are now available.

“Deploying and managing the Spitch Knowledge Base has become even easier thanks to our low code/no code product philosophy as well as drag and drop user UI construction,” said Piergiorgio Vittori, President and CEO of Spitch US. “Minimal involvement, if any, of customer IT resources is required to get up and running. Our tiered structure of the new Knowledge Base product – including Tier 1 functionalities free of charge supplied with all the new Virtual Assistants implementations – makes smart business sense for customers with a range of needs.”

ManageEngine Releases SaaS Version of Analytics Plus to Complete its Deploy-Analytics-Anywhere Model

ManageEngine, the enterprise IT management division of Zoho Corporation, announced that its IT analytics product, Analytics Plus, is now available as a SaaS offering, enabling users set up a fully functional, integrated analytics platform in under 60 seconds. This launch completes the company’s vision to deploy analytics anywhere, that is, to make it easy for the organization to deploy analytics on private or public clouds such as AWS and Azure.

“At ManageEngine, we’ve witnessed several digital transformation trends over the last two decades across all industry verticals: rapid cloud adoption, a need for setting up a data-centric culture, and the need for advanced AI to sift through data lakes and establish correlations, triage events, and eliminate the need for human intervention in data analysis,” said Rakesh Jayaprakash, product manager at ManageEngine. “That’s why we’ve launched the cloud version of Analytics Plus—a marriage of our 20+ years of domain expertise with cloud benefits like flexibility, agility and scalability to help augment strategic decision-making with insights that are fast, reliable and contextual.”

Sysdig Blocks Cryptojacking in the Cloud with 99% Precision Using Machine Learning 

Sysdig, a unified container and cloud security leader, announced machine learning-powered cloud detection and response (CDR) to combat cryptojacking. The company’s threat engine and detection algorithms block cryptojacking in the cloud with 99% precision. While the cloud and on-premises security challenges seem similar, the attack patterns and detection techniques are fundamentally different and require different approaches. Traditional tools lack the visibility into container environments and breadth of coverage needed to identify threats and anomalies at runtime. A multi-layered approach that includes curated rules and machine learning is better suited to address the complex threats in cloud environments. To detect threats like cryptojacking, teams need machine learning algorithms that are trained and tuned to recognize cryptocurrency mining patterns immediately to avoid unexpected cloud fees, which can have a significant financial impact.

“Machine learning is not a silver bullet for detecting threats. Many vendors throw around ‘ML’ quite loosely for solutions that are not true machine learning,” said Omer Azaria, Vice President of Engineering at Sysdig. “Cryptojacking is a specific use case where machine learning provides effective detection. Sysdig developed an ML algorithm that is specifically tuned to detect cryptojacking before your cloud bill skyrockets.”

Provectus: Open-Source Data Discovery and Observability Platform Receives New Features for Business Users and Data Teams in v0.6 Update

Provectus, a Silicon Valley artificial intelligence (AI) consultancy, released the v0.6 update of the Open-Source Data Discovery (ODD) and Observability Platform. In addition to new features for Data and ML Engineers, the update includes a number of critical improvements for business users in BI and data analytics departments that are designed to increase the trustworthiness and reliability of data. The ODD Platform is an open-source data discovery and observability service for data-driven enterprises looking to democratize data. It is designed to meet the needs of various users (Data Scientists, Data Engineers, ML Engineers, BI Engineers, Analysts, Managers), to help make data more discoverable, manageable, observable, reliable, and secure. It addresses the inefficiencies of conventional data catalogs through standardized data collection, improved data catalog compatibility, end-to-end data lineage, and advanced data quality and data observability practices. The platform is designed to accelerate time to value (TTV) and reduce the costs of building and maintaining data products for enterprises of all sizes.

“Keeping track of all aspects of data can be challenging, and I have high hopes that Data Discovery Platform can change that,” says German Osin, Chief Product Owner of ODD Platform. “The platform can elevate all types of data work to a new level, enabling data teams to accelerate data discovery, minimize data downtimes, and focus on building data products that drive value for businesses.”

ScaleFlux Now Shipping Portfolio of Next-Generation SSDs to First Customers

ScaleFlux, Inc., a leader in deploying SSDs with Computational Storage at scale, announced the general availability of its 3000-series suite of products based on its new System-on-Chip (SoC) Storage Processor, the ScaleFlux SFX 3000. Featuring full compatibility with NVMe, ScaleFlux is delivering a better SSD with a zero-friction customer experience; no new drivers or application development is required.

“Computational storage is giving companies a competitive advantage by reducing the complexity required to store and compress data and accelerating the creation of value from that data,” said Hao Zhong, Co-founder and CEO of ScaleFlux. “The general availability of our 3000-series products is the next step in providing more enterprises with a high-performance, scalable solution that meets their storage needs. Users can deploy computational storage more easily while addressing top concerns such as cost, density, compute efficiency, etc.”

NOVATION Launches DataVio Solution, Saving Businesses Time and Resources on Manual Data Processing

NOVATION, Hong Kong’s globally trusted leader in data security and automation, has announced the release of DataVio, its cloud-based solution for helping businesses automate the processing and extraction of valuable data from documents. The launch of DataVio is part of NOVATION’s push towards offering more digital products and private cloud solutions to clients, while building on its heritage in secure data handling. DataVio uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which enables data to be extracted from printed or written text from a scanned document or image. The OCR converts data into a machine-readable form suitable for subsequent processing.

“Data is an inextricable part of a company’s lifeblood. Instead of spending valuable resources for manual processing, DataVio helps you manage your time and maximize your efficiency in doing business by leveraging data,” said Sin Wai Kin, General Manager at Novation Solutions.

Tresata Launches Digital Business Platform

Tresata announced the commercial launch of its Digital Business Platform (DBP), a software system that radically simplifies every businesses’ ability to use their data. DBP was designed to solve one of the toughest challenges facing businesses—delivering usable data that can effectively power digital transformations. This represents one of the biggest opportunities in software, addressing a $200 billion market of businesses that struggle to use all of their data. With 68% of available enterprise data unused today, DBP represents an opportunity for exponential growth by leveraging the exabytes of data in the cloud and putting them to work.

“Tresata presents a paradigm shift in how enterprises achieve, monitor and manage usable data assets. What would previously take enormous time and resources—in addition to heavy manual work by data teams—can now be automated as quickly as a business demands. By connecting data assets across a business, DBP provides users everything there is to know about their customers, processes, and products. The result is the ability to support and manage each of them in a unique way by adding loads of value in a differentiated and personalized way,” said Mike Leone, senior analyst, data platforms, analytics and AI, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

StarTree Introduces Next Generation, Real-Time User-Facing Analytics and Anomaly Detection Platform

StarTree, Inc. announced the launch of the first version of StarTree Community Edition with source availability of StarTree ThirdEye. Community Edition is an integrated package of state-of-the-art tools that enable companies to rapidly deploy, manage, and monitor real time applications. In doing so, the StarTree Community Edition will become the primary vehicle through which the community can download and leverage some of the innovations that StarTree is bringing to the Real-Time Analytics market all under the StarTree Community License. 

“StarTree was built to empower decision-makers by unleashing the power of insights at scale to act in real-time,” said Kishore Gopalakrishna, CEO and founder of StarTree. “To provide greater leverage to the community, we are now making ThirdEye source available for multiple use-cases, so that users can make better, more timely and accurate decisions even from anomalous events.”

Acceldata Offers Flexibility, Significant Cost Savings and Business Continuity for Legacy Cloudera Customers

Acceldata, a leader in data observability, announced that it will offer an alternative option for legacy Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) / Cloudera Data Hub (CDH) customers. Cloudera has announced that it plans to suspend support for HDP/CDH on Sept. 30, 2022. This move will require legacy customers to upgrade in order to receive continued support from Cloudera. Acceldata offers a flexible, cost-effective and highly optimized software and support solution that gives customers options to remain on premises or migrate to cloud data platforms of their choice. Acceldata provides an economical and simplified alternative to a forced migration and removes the need for organizations to go through the expensive process of rewriting data pipelines to work with the recent Cloudera release.

“This forced migration is unsettling for the large number of companies that still run Hadoop on-premises. Acceldata’s software and service offers a win-win for legacy Cloudera customers as they are no longer locked in with a single vendor and now have the freedom to choose which options work best for them,” said Chandra Sharma, head of customer success, Acceldata. “By eliminating the need to update data pipelines, Acceldata’s data observability platform can significantly decrease cost and increase performance from what they had previously with Cloudera.”

Iterative Introduces First Git-based Machine Learning Model Registry

Iterative, the MLOps company dedicated to streamlining the workflow of data scientists and Machine Learning (ML) engineers, launched the first machine learning model registry based on GitOps principles, Iterative Studio Model Registry. Based on engagement with hundreds of organizations across industries of various sizes, Iterative found that more than 80% of organizations do not have the necessary visibility and control over their ML models or how they’re deployed throughout the ML model development lifecycle. With these organizations in mind, Iterative has built an open-source model registry solution so teams can easily manage models with full context around model lineage, version, production status, data used to train model, and more. The Iterative Studio Model Registry uses a GitOps approach for model lifecycle management, meaning an organization’s Git is the single source of truth. Unlike existing solutions that are separate from software development tools and often not updated with the latest model information, Iterative takes the workflows and best practices of software development and applies them to model deployment, getting models into production faster. DevOps and MLOps teams collaborate by using the same tools and processes so production-ready models being passed downstream to CI/CD systems are all fully automated and transparent to all teams.

“DevOps teams already use a GitOps approach to manage the lifecycle and deployment of their business apps and services while ML teams have a different process with custom solutions or model registries that are not based on GitOps. Our model registry builds on GitOps principles and supports the same workflows that DevOps teams use,” said Dmitry Petrov, CEO of Iterative. “Iterative’s model registry lets software development teams and ML engineers work together using the same tools instead of in silos.”

Syniti Introduces Revolutionary AI-Driven Operational Data Matching Solution

Syniti, a leader in enterprise data management, announced the availability of a new AI-driven operational data matching offering focused on ERP and supply chain data. Improving this type of business-critical operational data drives process improvements while helping deliver meaningful cost savings and unlocking new business value via data quality with higher data integrity. This functionality will be available as a module of the company’s unified data platform, the Syniti Knowledge Platform, or as a standalone offering, Syniti Match (previously 360Science). Data matching is the key first step to deliver enterprise-wide quality data needed to help drive superior business outcomes. Most current industry solutions focus on party data – including contact and account information, names, addresses and locations – to help ensure data is accurate and not duplicative to improve the overall customer experience as well as streamline marketing and sales efforts. With this new offering, Syniti expands its best-in-class matching technology from party to operational data, which includes ERP or supply chain data such as items, equipment, parts, assets, products and SKUs.

“Our new AI-based solution handles this historically difficult data types at high volumes and with very little tuning – allowing customers to realize the true business value associated with deduplication and data quality, including greater productivity, better decision making and perhaps most importantly, cost savings,” said Kevin Campbell, CEO, Syniti. “For a Global 2000 company, a reduction in duplicate spare parts alone could save millions – freeing up that capital for more value-add initiatives.”

Diwo Announces General Availability of Diwo Decision Intelligence (DI) Platform to Optimize Business Decisions with AI-powered Recommendations

Diwo announced the general availability of the Diwo Decision Intelligence (DI) Platform. Diwo’s DI platform delivers an innovative analytics experience designed to accelerate the path from data to decisions by providing business users with AI-powered, actionable recommendations in minutes rather than days. Diwo is purpose-built to solve the “last mile of analytics” challenge with its ability to dynamically deliver contextual insights and proactively recommend the best action to optimize business objectives and drive growth.

“With today’s data deluge, business decisions often stall out in the manual-intensive ‘last mile of analytics,’ where insights need to become actionable,” said Krishna Kallakuri, CEO of Diwo. “It’s important to know when a change occurs in your business, but even more critical to understand why and what actions to take to improve outcomes. With Diwo, you not only close the data-to-decision gap, but also put AI and contextual intelligence at the heart of decision-making to better understand the why and what questions. Using Diwo, Fortune 1000 enterprises can make better decisions, reduce the time to decision, realize breakthrough productivity gains and compete more effectively.”

Persado Unveils New Insights That Allows Brands to Understand Exactly Which Stories Individual Customers Respond To

Persado, the Motivation AI platform that generates the language to inspire every individual to engage and act, announced the release of Personal Narratives, the ability to deliver stories and images that work best for a specific segment of customers. Combined with data on the most effective emotions, Personal Narratives is a cornerstone of Persado’s personalized messaging capability. It not only enables Persado’s AI to generate higher-quality content, but also provides a new level of insight – distinct from emotions and formatting – that can help Persado users motivate the customers they most want to engage. And engaged customers generate more business.

“Simple brand stories can create powerful and lasting connections with customers, and with this new feature enhancement, Persado’s AI can generate rich and authentic personalized language and tell brands what individually motivates their consumers in a way that no other human or technology platform can,” said Assaf Baciu, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Persado. 

Radiant Earth Foundation Releases LandCoverNet, the First Global Multi-Satellite Training Dataset for Land Cover Classification

Radiant Earth Foundation, a leading nonprofit dedicated to open Earth observation training data and machine learning models, announced the release of LandCoverNet, the training dataset for global land cover classification. This global annual land cover classification training dataset will enable scientists and practitioners to create high-resolution and up-to-date land cover maps, a piece of critical information for monitoring the sustainable use of natural resources.

Dr. Hamed Alemohammad, Executive Director and Chief Data Scientist at Radiant, remarked on the release of the global LandCoverNet series. “LandCoverNet is an essential benchmark for data scientists across the globe who wish to build advanced monitoring tools of our environment,” Alemohammad said. “It was born out of a community effort to improve the accuracy of global land cover maps. The applications built from this dataset will enable fully-automated and dynamic land cover classification algorithms using open-access satellite imagery. We are incredibly thankful for all funders and experts that made this great accomplishment possible.”

Rescale Delivers New Capabilities for HPC, Applied AI and ML with NVIDIA – Global Leading Manufacturers Leverage the Power of NVIDIA GPUs for Digital Twins and Digital Transformation

Rescale, a leader in high performance computing built for the cloud to accelerate engineering innovation, announced major new capabilities powered by NVIDIA technology, to build digital twins and enable digital transformation as foundational building blocks for the industrial metaverse. This integration of HPC cloud automation and AI helps leading global manufacturers like Hankook Tire to build intelligent digital twins and execute their digital transformation strategies.

Leading manufacturers increasingly rely on AI-enabled computational engineering for product innovation, and Rescale’s integration with NVIDIA technology allows companies to design products using digital twins enabled by AI with unprecedented ease. Digital twins are physically accurate with true-to-reality physics, materials, and behavior. This allows for virtual system testing, layout changes or design optimizations, avoiding any system downtime or failure in the physical twin. 

“Powering our customers with the latest NVIDIA AI capabilities combined with our R&D application portfolio and HPC cloud platform provides the foundation for engineers and scientists to build digital twins, develop new breakthroughs, and accelerate innovation,” said Joris Poort, CEO and founder of Rescale. “NVIDIA has been a great collaborator and champion of Rescale for many years — and working with NVIDIA for technology development, go-to-market support, and strategic investment, we are able to execute a vision for the industrial metaverse powered by accelerated computing.”

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