New Report on the Data Divide

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Our friends over at the Center for Data Innovation just released a new report on why the United States must address the data divide, which is the social and economic inequalities that may result from a lack of collection or use of data about individuals or communities. Gillian Diebold, the policy analyst who wrote the report and CDI’s expert on the data divide, offers some main points:

  • The report provides an overview of different data divides in the United States, including those that stem from insufficient and inadequate data in education systems, healthcare, financial services, and environmental monitoring as well as those that stem from the under-representation of certain demographics, such as gender, race, disability, and income.
  • The Center offers nine recommendations for how policymakers can address the data divide; these include developing targeted outreach programs for underrepresented communities, directing federal agencies to update or establish data strategies to ensure data collection is integrated into diverse communities, and establishing a bipartisan federal commission to study the data divide.

Click HERE to download the full report.

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