Data Fusion and Analytics for Chief Investigators: Survey Report, August 2022

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Our friends over at Cognyte have a second survey on data fusion and analytics – this time for chief investigators. In their last survey, the 2022 IT leaders in the Data Fusion/Analytics Domain, the company spoke to CIOs and IT executives about their challenges and investment priorities for data fusion. This time, the goal was to dive into the perspectives of investigation and intelligence directors in the trenches, who are tasked with managing a growing volume of diverse data and making smarter, faster and more accurate decisions.

The focus was to understand the maturity of the market for data fusion and ML-driven analytics for investigation purposes. What exactly are today’s decision-makers looking for? Are they building in-house solutions to meet their needs, or relying on third-party solutions?

The results shine a light on the priorities and strategies of investigation executives across multiple domains. The data indicates three major goals among respondents: Openness, automation, and flexibility to suit the needs of their specific units.

Download the full report HERE.

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