AWS Announces 10 New AI Features at AWS re:Invent 2022

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At AWS re:Invent 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced 10 new features to its portfolio of AI services, and is excited to expand its offerings to more than 100,000 customers who currently rely on AWS for AI and ML initiatives. Please see below for a high-level overview of these new features. To learn more about each feature, you can find additional details in this blog post, which also includes insights into how customers like Pennymac and WaFd Bank are already utilizing AWS AI and ML services.  

  • Amazon Textract Analyze Lending: As mortgage companies constantly have to manually process large volumes of diverse document types to extract business-critical data, Amazon Textract is now easing that burden by offering Amazon Textract Analyze Lending, a new feature that pulls together multiple ML models to classify various documents in mortgage packages and extract critical information from these documents with high accuracy to improve loan document processing workflows. 
  • Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics for Improved End-User Experiences: As contact centers experience a lack of insights with frustrated customers while calls are in progress, they need real-time insights into customer-experience issues. Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics now provides real-time conversation insights that help analyze thousands of in-progress calls, identify call sentiment, detect the potential reason for the call, and spot issues such as repeated requests to speak to a manager. 
  • New Search Capabilities on Amazon KendraAmazon Kendra, an ML-powered intelligent search service, enables organizations to provide more relevant information to customers and employees. To help customers deliver deeper insights, Amazon Kendra is expanding to include:  
    • Tabular Search in HTML: Customers can now find more precise answers faster in HTML documents, whether they’re in the narrative body or tabular form, by using natural language questions.  
    • Language Expansion: Amazon Kendra added support for seven new languages — French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese — allowing customers to ask natural-language questions and get exact answers in any of the supported languages. 
  • New Capabilities for Amazon HealthLakeAmazon HealthLake is a purpose-built service to store, transform, and query health data in the cloud, allowing HCLS customers to benefit from a complete view of individual or patient population health data at scale. Today, AWS announced two new capabilities: 
    • Preview of Amazon HealthLake Imaging: Amazon HealthLake Imaging is a new HIPAA-eligible capability that enables healthcare providers and their software partners to easily store, access, and analyze medical images at petabyte scale. 
    • Amazon HealthLake Analytics: Amazon HealthLake Analytics is a new HIPAA-eligible capability that makes it easy to query and derive insights from multi-modal health data (e.g., imaging, text, or genetics), at the individual or population levels, with the ability to share data securely across the enterprise. 
  • Enhancements to Amazon CodeWhispererAmazon CodeWhisperer, an ML-powered software-coding service, generates code recommendations and completes entire functions based on developer comments in natural language. Today, AWS announced three enhancements: 
    • Support for AWS Builder ID: Any developer can sign up securely with just an email address and enable Amazon CodeWhisperer for their IDE within the AWS Toolkit. 
    • Support for TypeScript and C#: AWS added support for TypeScript and C# languages to accelerate code development. 
    • Code Recommendations for AWS APIs: Amazon CodeWhisperer now makes code recommendations for AWS APIs across its most popular services, including Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3. 
    • Availability in AWS Management Console: Amazon CodeWhisperer is now available in the AWS Management Console, so any authorized AWS administrator can enable Amazon CodeWhisperer for the organization. 

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