Podcast: Advances In Sports Analytics: Beyond Moneyball 

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When Moneyball was released 20 years ago, audiences could not have imagined the strides data scientists would make in sports analytics in the years to come. In the latest UVA Data Points podcast, expert data scientists discuss how machine learning, wearable technology and computer vision are impacting the future of athlete health and sports analytics.   

University of Virginia faculty researchers Stephen Baek, Don Brown, and Natalie Kupperman discuss a range of sports analytics-related topics, including: The World Cup, Sports Medicine, Sports Analytics, and Wearable Technology.   

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  1. Hey, InsideBIGDATA Team!

    I just listened to your latest podcast episode “Advances in Sports Analytics Beyond Moneyball,” and I have to say, it was a fascinating conversation. As someone who’s always been interested in both sports and data, I really appreciate the way you brought those two worlds together and explored the latest trends and advancements in sports analytics.